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  1. I have lowered the price to $2000 plus $50 for shipping to Continental USA only.
  2. Herrington 30 button G/C Anglo concertina with Wheatstone layout, 7 fold bellows and Italian made Voce Armoniche A-Mano reeds. Handmade in USA by master craftsman Seth Hamon. Ideal for Traditional Irish Music. I bought this instrument recently, so it is in mint condition. This is a high quality instrument which comes with hard case and keyboard chart. Ships in original carton. Selling due to health issues. Asking $2150 with free shipping to Continental USA only. No trades. Contact Dana at buttonbox21@yahoo.com
  3. Back in the late 70s and early 80s, I played a 52 button 4 voice Chemnitzer C box with a polka band. Make sure that this box in a key compatible with the type of music you want to play. These instruments are expensive and are a lot of fun to play once you get the hang of it. Basically, you play melody on the right hand and bass/chords on the left. You have to make your chords so you can play in minor chords if you need to. There is a book long out of print that you may be able to buy on eBay. It is called the Silberhorn method if I remember correctly. I used it to learn Chemnitzer concertina and it should be helpful to you. You can play many types of music on this besides Argentinean music. I played polkas, Irish and even some German tunes. It is quite versatile. Give it a try. Good luck.👍
  4. I don't have experience with either but I have done business with The Button Box and I can tell you that they are a five star class act. Good people to do business with. I highly recommend them.👍
  5. I had a McNeela Wren last year and it was OK for a starter instrument. Because it was a cheap beginner instrument, I had to "work" to play it. My arms would be sore after an hour. It used up a lot of air and I was always using the air button. I now have a Seth Hamon Herrington which is a lot more expensive than the Wren and worth every penny. The Herrington practically plays itself. All I do is guide the ends and lightly press the buttons. It is sooooo smooth and easy to play. You get what you pay for and this is true with other instruments as well. I learned this when I used to play C#D accordion. There is a big difference in quality of construction, sound and playability. I'm glad you like your Rochelle and wish you well with it. Eventually you will want to trade up to the Clover, Herrington or Morse Ceili, or something in the same bracket. Good luck and keep squeezin'.👍
  6. This instrument is no longer for sale. I have decided to hang on to it for a while and see what happens down the road. It is too nice to let go yet. I stumbled on to a new playing position and it is working very nicely. No pain or discomfort so far. Instead of playing the way the instructional videos show, that is playing on one knee, which was very awkward for me, I decided to simply lay the concertina on both knees and tilt it forward a bit. This has proven to be a big difference and makes playing much more comfortable for me. Hopefully, this will enable me to keep at it for the long term. 😋
  7. New Seth Hamon Herrington G/C 30 button Anglo concertina for sale. I just got this a short time ago but my stiff aging hands just won't work the way they used to. Playing is very uncomfortable and sadly I must part with this beautiful instrument. I bought this instrument new and am asking $2,000. Shipping to Continental USA only will be $55 extra. PayPal accepted. This concertina is also listed on Seth Hamon's site. Please contact Dana at buttonbox21@yahoo.com or call 386-626-4572 and leave a message.
  8. I just received my new Herrington Anglo from Seth Hamon. What a beauty. Well made in USA and sounds great. It is soooo easy to play, especially compared to the Wren I had last year. Actually there is no comparison. LOL. It came with a Wheatstone layout which is not a problem as I am still a noob so adapting will be easy. I am very pleased with my purchase and Seth is very professional and stays in touch with you from the time you order to when it is shipped. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a decent concertina and don't want to deal with cheap beginner instruments. 👍
  9. Hey all, I am hoping to purchase an intermediate level 30 button anglo concertina for ITM in the near future. I am trying to decide between the Concertina Connection Minstrel and the McNeela Phoenix. Anyone have experience with either of these models. I will appreciate any input.
  10. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the Garvey Tina Swift anglo concertina. I am thinking about purchasong one and want to know if it is worth the extra pice over the Tina beginner model. ?
  11. Right now, the Wren 2 is the only model in stock and available. I paid a total of $476.51 for the instrument, and that included shipping. McNeela are good people to do business with. They have a professional attitude and are very prompt at responding to emails. Shipping took about 8 days via USPS from Dublin, Ireland to central FL. They will ship right after payment is tendered and will notify you with tracking info when it ships. The only other model out there in the same price range is the Concertina Connection Rochelle and they are sold out all over the world and will be for months to come. I just did all the legwork and that is why I went with the Wren. It has the Italian made steel reeds where the Rochelle has Chinese reeds. Both are good for starters but I think the Wren 2 is a little better, plus, it comes with a hard case. The Wren 2 lists for 410 Euros which translates to about $445. Shipping for me was 15 Euros and there is a paypal fee, I don't remember how much but as I stated above, the whole thing came to $476.51USD. Get CG tuning if you are going to play Irish. It is a fun little instrument with a nice bark. Good luck.
  12. Hey all, I am a newcomer to concertina and just took delivery of a Wren 2 and look forward to taking lessons soon. I have played C#D accordion and bodhran in the past and all of the many tunes I played are still in my head. I have all my sheet music archved so hopefully I will learn quickly. I am already playing Tony Lowe's Polka and Johnny O'Leary's Polka plus Johnny Leary's Polka as well. I will be visiting this forum daily for information on technique, repair and tunes. One thing, does any one know of any concertina players/teachers in the central Florida area?
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