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  1. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the Garvey Tina Swift anglo concertina. I am thinking about purchasong one and want to know if it is worth the extra pice over the Tina beginner model. ?
  2. Right now, the Wren 2 is the only model in stock and available. I paid a total of $476.51 for the instrument, and that included shipping. McNeela are good people to do business with. They have a professional attitude and are very prompt at responding to emails. Shipping took about 8 days via USPS from Dublin, Ireland to central FL. They will ship right after payment is tendered and will notify you with tracking info when it ships. The only other model out there in the same price range is the Concertina Connection Rochelle and they are sold out all over the world and will be for months to come. I just did all the legwork and that is why I went with the Wren. It has the Italian made steel reeds where the Rochelle has Chinese reeds. Both are good for starters but I think the Wren 2 is a little better, plus, it comes with a hard case. The Wren 2 lists for 410 Euros which translates to about $445. Shipping for me was 15 Euros and there is a paypal fee, I don't remember how much but as I stated above, the whole thing came to $476.51USD. Get CG tuning if you are going to play Irish. It is a fun little instrument with a nice bark. Good luck.
  3. Hey all, I am a newcomer to concertina and just took delivery of a Wren 2 and look forward to taking lessons soon. I have played C#D accordion and bodhran in the past and all of the many tunes I played are still in my head. I have all my sheet music archved so hopefully I will learn quickly. I am already playing Tony Lowe's Polka and Johnny O'Leary's Polka plus Johnny Leary's Polka as well. I will be visiting this forum daily for information on technique, repair and tunes. One thing, does any one know of any concertina players/teachers in the central Florida area?
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