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  1. Hello Jacques, Barleycorn has one with brass reed and soft tone and 6 folds https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-28-key-in-g-d-with-brass-reeds-7864/ Best
  2. I could also be interested to trade with a duet to try trying a new system πŸ™‚
  3. I had both, I prefer the Clover without hesitation. The sound is more pleasing to my hear and like the playability better. The Clover was one my favorite hybrid. Best
  4. Ha ha that's kind of cheating gypsea...that's a norwegian cat which are super cuddly and affectionate πŸ˜‰ With my previous cat, claws where sharper than ever πŸ™‚ I had to change room or lock him outside...
  5. New tune played slowly because of my beginner level, not the concertina πŸ˜‰ Just to have an idea of sound, poor smartphone microphone.
  6. I can't compare but had a Clover and I love it, lightweight, big volume, fast and great tone (one of my favorite of many hybrid that I tried, but never tried the Marcus ;-)). I only found the air button kind of hard to reach because of super stiff hand-strap. Maybe only on the specific model I got.... It had the standard finish but though it looked pretty good (to me). Quality is excellent. But if you tried the Deluxe and loved it, I would definitively go for that one πŸ˜‰ The proximity factor is a huge plus ! Good luck, Nicolas
  7. Playing in session or in original key: 30b Playing for fun : 20b is sufficient if you don't mind playing the same key ! D tune can eventually be played in C, A tune can eventually be played in G. F tune can eventually be played in G. I say eventually because some notes can be too low/high or the tune won't sound good in that new key. So be prepare for some sacrifice as maybe you won't be able to play your favorite tune. The biggest problem is if you like to make a tune more interesting by adding that special note (out of home key) that can only be found in 30b. But no big deal.
  8. Hi Doug, I would love to hear such an album ! Put me on the list if this project see light of day. I also decided to focus only on 20b just because of the price difference between a 20b and 30b...it always amaze me. And also I am playing just for fun, I decide 20b is enough (or why not a 22b ;-)) Nice thread Nicolas
  9. Thank you Bill ! I still look for other opportunities, also for 20b in Bb/F. Nicolas
  10. Hello everyone, For sale a great concertina Clareman in Ab/Eb (same button relation as C/G but lower). I really love this concertina but somehow I prefer vintage's one so I decide to sell it. It is a 6 fold bellows (silent and easy), metal buttons, a sound I personally really like, fast player and loud. Jeffries layout. It has been completely been reviewed by Harry Geuns a month ago: New pads, valves, tunes up all around, and bushing buttons. A pleasure to play. A demo video by beginner : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmpswVmmhYc Looking for 1700 euros. I can also consider a (eventually partial $) trade for a no issue 20b or 26b vintage anglo in Bb/F. I can send it anywhere from Belgium. Nicolas
  11. I am no longer looking to buy a Bb/F. If someone has a proposition, let me know ! 😊 No hurry, the search is just beginning 😎 Thank you !
  12. --> Sold on FB Hello everyone, Just bought this concertina out of curiosity for a new key but I decide G/D is not for me (I only focus on Irish). So here it is : This is a lovely little G/D Jones Anglo which came from Chris Algar at Barleycorn It has steel reeds, bone buttons, lovely dark green bellows and new pads, valves and tuning done. It is in a great condition for a vintage, bellow is like new. Sold with a leather vintage case (not a concertina case but pretty close). Here is a quick recording with my phone, have to say playing with lower note is fun and relaxing πŸ™‚ ==> Still need to find how...else I can send it. I could also look for trade (eventually partial either way $) for a 26b (or 20b) in Bb/F (or why not C/G 20b or 26b). Trade = loosing less money so you can always propose. Looking for 850 euros, sent from Belgium. Thank you Nicolas
  13. I am pretty sure AP James are a good choice, never tried it. I have tested a few Hybrids (The Clare, Clover, Morse Ceili,...) and somehow I always go back to vintage concertina. They are slower but they have lots of charm πŸ˜‰ Barleycorn have four 30b Lachenal in listing, I would choose one of those... Irish company has a second hand Clare which I personally liked (not that one, but The Clare πŸ˜‰ : https://www.irishconcertinacompany.com/our-preowned-concertinas Nicolas
  14. Anglo = Limited chord options and limited to bellow English = Much more chords are possible but I believe with finger gymnastic (and also in a way limited to bellow...), there is an app for Android so you can test it...(search English concertina ;-)) Chords takes lots of air ! The Duet would be my personal choice but yes a little like piano, you need a brain for each side ha ha Nicolas
  15. Thank you Dave, I will take a look ! Best
  16. Chances are next to none but one can always try πŸ˜‰ (might also look for a G/C pro model) Best Nicolas
  17. Drop of price to 550 euros as I have a 30b and don't play this one much anymore.
  18. So lucky to be there ! enjoy ! I will certainly go there on the near future... Did you tried "The vintage" concertina ? Seems like a nice one too. The employee let you played the Eiru for a minute meaning he told you "not too long" !? Best
  19. Anglo ! It has that swing with the push/pull, it sound great and more notes on fewer buttons. I tried on a English mimicking anglo with change of bellows but then you have to remember when to change bellow direction πŸ˜‰ And If you want to follow online lesson (oaim, Caitlin, youtube,...), it will be an anglo. Nicolas
  20. I can believe you about taking several audio "takes" πŸ˜‰ Looking at the music sheet, it's like jonglery on an anglo concertina. I also really like Jasmine (youtube channel). Nicolas
  21. I like it ! Classical and jazzy, goes well with the video. Very artistic ! Your concertina sound is perfect for this tune. Nicolas
  22. Hello Jacques, did you send it back for a refund or for a replacement ? Best
  23. Good choice ! Going to Rochelle = Buying a Clover soon after πŸ˜‰ I recently got a Clover and I like it a lot: Lightweight, fast player, loud, a sound with a touch. My only complaint is the leather straps are super stiff ! (Never seen that). The result is that the air button is a little hard to reach...(got big hand). But something that can be changed. Nicolas
  24. Is the music sheet available from Cohen BK ? Thanks !
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