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  1. Caitlín is doing a bellows roll in the video - she plays the note, then jerks the bellows to sound it again, and then plays the note again if that makes sense, not a great description on my part, maybe someone else familiar with the technique can describe it more clearly?
  2. It has concertina reeds and from everything I've heard about them I would think it would be categorised as an advanced instrument.
  3. There was an advert on DoneDeal for a Thomas C/G 30b anglo, it was still up the last time I did a search for concertinas there (the day before yesterday) If I recall correctly the ad said that the concertina is at Custy's in Ennis being sold on consignment.
  4. OP posted that they've purchased an Edgley and are awaiting it's arrival.
  5. Sadly the Button Box closed - only their repair department remains open, so the rentals from them are no more.
  6. Contact Bob Tedrow at Homewood Music - he has a couple of nice second hand hybrid 30 button anglos listed in your price range: http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas/
  7. Good to know, but since people may be reading this thread who are either: 1) Unfamiliar with Irish traditional music and 2) Unfamiliar with the aforementioned previous thread, then for their benefit it can't hurt to mention that it's probably more common than not for players to tap their foot audibly when playing irish traditional music, just in case someone new to the tradition would interpret Don's comment as meaning that the practice is frowned upon.
  8. Probably not since it's quite common and accepted for Irish traditional musicians to tap their feet when playing....
  9. Given the disparaging comments some folks have made about irish music on this thread what are you implying about the "national character" of irish people then?
  10. I don't play english dancing music or know much about it, so I myself wouldn't comment on whether it's speed is "too slow" etc. While I might listen to an example and find it a bit slow for my tastes that doesn't mean that it is "too slow" - I'm sure it's just the speed it needs to be for the purpose it serves. Irish traditional music is loved and played by people all over the world, so I guess we're doing something right!
  11. Another critical difference - players of irish traditional music aren't on here commenting that tunes for English dancing are played "too slow"... 😉
  12. Peter never said they were "slow"pieces, rather he was pointing out that they're not played at "breakneck speed".
  13. If you read through the older posts on this thread the seller posted on Aug 30th that the concertina had sold.
  14. ABC isn't just a "digital" technology - here in Ireland traditional musician's frequently write down music in ABC format. When I was starting out on the tenor banjo years ago my instructor would do all teaching of tunes by ear, but then would write out the ABC's of the tune for me to have to refer back to if I needed.
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