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  1. I'm thinking of buying a Jeffries but I can't understand why they are so expensive. Has anyone out there actually paid more than £6000 for a Jeffries? I know some dealers sell their top ones for £7000. Don't you think that this is a little bit of a stretch?
  2. H&A

    Best Jeffries

    Thanks Greg. Wow they are fine looking concertinas.
  3. H&A

    Best Jeffries

    A trip to Chris in Manchester is quite possible for me. I know he has a huge range of Jeffries. I just want to know in advance people's thoughts on the best Jeffries so when I'm there I know what to look out for.
  4. H&A

    Best Jeffries

    I play a c/g Crabb myself that looks like a Jeffries. It cost me a lot! I just want a change and a better instrument. It's a 38 key so that's probably what I would be looking for in a Jeffries.
  5. H&A

    Best Jeffries

    Hi Theo, Are you saying don't rule out a Crabb as in that they are of equal standard to Jeffries?
  6. I'm thinking of purchasing a Jeffries but I want to know more about the different periods of Jeffries concertinas and their makers. Is there a maker or period that is considered the best? How many different periods of Jeffries are there? Do the concertinas from different periods differ in price? Any other information on Jeffries concertinas is also welcome. Thanks folks!!!
  7. i'm curious about all the Crabb concertinas out there!! If nobody minds sharing info about their Crabb regarding what they paid for it, when it was made and some pictures. Thanks
  8. H&A

    Connor C/g Anglo

    Where did you originally purchase this concertina?
  9. I was thinking about buying a Jeffries. Would a Jeffries of £5000+ hold its value better than a Crabb of that value?
  10. It's a 38 key c/g Anglo Crabb.
  11. I purchased a crabb from Chris Algar a few years ago for £5000. It's as good as any Jeffries. I'm just wondering will it hold its value and is it still worth that now.
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