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  1. The Dipper has been sold and a contribution has been made to the site. Thanks to all those who expressed an interest. I realize I could have asked for a higher price but I wanted to get it back in used instead of sitting on a shelf. All the best Paul
  2. I still have this instrument and would sell for $6500 including shipping and insurance (US only). My email address is pkinder72@att.net
  3. I did not know that email addresses could not be viewed by members. Sorry.
  4. MrNate I posted the att.net email address because I thought there would be confusion between my id and the email address in my profile. "Botch" ??
  5. As there have been no replies, I assume no one is interested, so I will pursue other options. If anyone would like additional info contact me at pkinder72@att.net All the best Paul
  6. Due to age and bad hands, I am looking to sell my Dipper Co Clare 32 button C/G, #373. I custom ordered it from Colin in 1998 and picked it up at his shop in 2000 while on a trip to England. The concertina is wooden-ended, six fold decorated brown bellows, 5mm bronze buttons. Two custom features are: 1. Extra button for RH middle row 1st finger is a reverse E/F# from the LH 2. 4th button LH outside row is a reverse G/A from the 5th button middle row. Around 2010, Paul Groff tuned it up and it has been only played 4-5 hours since. As it has been sitting in its box the bellows is a bit stiff. This is in like new condition and pictures are available on request. I thought I would offer it for sale here before pursuing other options so that net members would have first chance. I am not sure what such a concertina is worth, but I would assume at least $7500 plus shipping and insurance. All the best Paul
  7. It is time for me to start disposing of my large collection of Irish traditional music, as follows: 125 CDs $8.00 each 160 LPs $6.50 each 600 Cassette tapes $5.00 each All music prices are based on a minimum order of 10 units and shipping is additional. I also have about 140 books to sell. If anyone is interested, please contact me (p.kinder@insightbb.com) for MS Excel lists. This is a great chance to buy many classics cheaply. All the best Paul
  8. Has anyone transcribed Kitty Hayes' versions of Galway Rambler and London Lasses ? I learned both tunes a long time ago from Noel Hill with different settings. Thanks Paul
  9. There was some talk several years ago of a Paddy Fahy commercial cd being done but I never heard more about the project. I love his music and although I am just getting back into playing after a two year hiatus, I play 5-6 fahy tunes. There used to be a circle of trad enthusiasts on the web who would trade non-commercial cds. The idea was that someone would post a cd they had and would send a copy to the first person who asked for it; then that person would make a copy for the next, etc. I am sorry but I can't recall the name and they may not still be going. The point is that via this web ring I obtained some great cds including one from the University of Limerick archive with 40 tracks of Paddy Fahy playing solo and another one with 23 Fahy tracks. A third had solo home recordings of Fahy, John Kelly and Dennis Murphy. Two others of note were a concert in Brest 1981 with Noel Hill, Tony Linnane, Micho Russell & Tony McMahon, and another concert in Peppers Bar, Feakle 1987 with Hill, Linnane, Alec Finn and Mary Bergin. Not sure if any of this helps. All the best Paul
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