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    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    I'm pretty sure there are ABC versions available on Lester Bailey's huge melodeon.net ABC file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ej3b7l3vs5sgpkg/melnets_big_abc_ file.abc?dl=0
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    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    It may well go beyond the scope of your initial query, but there was a thread on 'Session Sets' on melodeon.net a while back. It might be worth looking there for ideas? See: https://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,21574.0.html
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    2-button tunes on Anglo?

    Yes it is, yes there are - https://www.bethsnotesplus.com/2013/09/hot-cross-buns.html... Roger
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    New look web site

    testing, testing, 1, 2,3, Mary had a little lamb... Looks OK, nice clean lines... I've probably missed it, but I can no longer see my .sig, or how to update it... R
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    New look web site

    'Fraid so. R...
  6. I am trying to find two sea-song collections edited by Charles Ipcar (a.k.a. Charles Noble, I believe). These are: Sea Songs of Cicely Fox Smith and Uncommon Sailor-Songs. I've searched all the usual places with no success. Can anyone suggest where I might track these down? I'm thinking of specialist music shops, etc. of which I am unaware... I'm also potentially interested in some of the (many) books written by Cicely Fox Smith. Does any erudite reader of this forum know which of them include printed scores? I think I may be able to obtain 'print on demand' copies of some of her books, from a company in India, but (in the first instance) I'm only interested in the ones with dots... Thanks. Roger
  7. lachenal74693

    Song collections edited by Charles Ipcar

    Sorted via the website - I missed it first time round. Moral - don't do internet searches while doing something else! Thank you folks. Roger.
  8. lachenal74693

    Song collections edited by Charles Ipcar

    1) Thanks for that - I missed the web-site, but had managed to find the samples somewhere - which is what alerted me to the books in the first place. 2) That's what I had supposed, but there is at least one musical score in the stack at The Central Library in Manchester, so I thought that some of the books maybe had scores. [I think it was Manchester - I've also checked University of Manchester Library, University of Salford Library, Warrington Libraries, Cheshire Libraries and Greater Manchester Libraries - Bolton had the largest selection so I'm off there on Saturday to check 'em out. What fun, it's years since I did a serious literature search ax several libraries...] Thanks again for the web-site URL Roger
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    New look web site

    Thanks - amazingly, I've never come across that one before... R.
  10. lachenal74693

    New look web site

    Just a general point. I went through a few 'major software upgrades' in my working life - some were absolute bloody disasters. Here in the UK we've recently been presented with the unedifying sight of the 'heid-bummer' at Trustee Savings Bank wriggling uncomfortably on the hook after the banks shift from one system to another went pear-shaped - big-time. I think the c.net upgrade has gone remarkably well, and I for one would like to record my thanks for the work that Paul Schwartz and the rest of the team in the back-office have clearly done to make this transition as smooth as possible. Thank you all! Roger [Minor point - a <return> seems to produce double-spacing, when what you may want is merely a <newline> without extra spacing. Is that 'fixable'?]
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    Tricks To Cover Up Mistakes

    But, could one get away with this if playing for dancers?
  12. lachenal74693

    New look web site

    Thank you! I'd sort of assumed that settings would be carried over automagically. Must be a nightmare if you have to set them up again from scratch! Roger
  13. I've just been messing about with a tune in ABC which is actually scored for the Highland Bagpipe (K:Hp). It (seems to) play fine on the 'tina, because as far as I can see, the C#, F# and Gnat which appear in the Hp key signature just correspond to the C# and F# which are the 'accidentals' in the key of D. In fact, if I transpose down, and then up a couple of semi-tones in my ABC editor, the key magically converts itself from Hp to D... So, in terms of notation, what's the difference between the Highland pipes key, and the key of D? Is this 'inconsistency' simply down to the fact that the ABC system isn't man enough to cope with this sort of musical subtlety? In an attempt to find out for myself, I had a look at this - http://publish.uwo.ca/~emacphe3/pipes/acoustics/pipescale.html and came away not much wiser, I'm afraid... . In particular, the passage: ...This is because the size of the steps between some notes are incorrect. The note we call 'C' is really closer to 'C#' and the note named 'F' is really closer to 'F#'... left me somewhat bemused - putting aside the fact that we don't really know what incorrect means in this context, does this mean that strictly speaking, I can't play any bagpipe tune on the 'tina 'cos the intervals are different? As I understood what I was reading, this isn't just an example of a modal scale in which the intervals between notes are arranged differently to the 'standard' major key (Ionian), but a situation in which the intervals between notes are actually different to the standard tone/semi-tone intervals. Puzzled... Roger
  14. Apropos nothing at all, it occurs to me that if searching for small quantities of exotic woods, looking at the suppliers of stuff for the 'pen-turning' hobby might prove fruitful. These guys have some pretty exotic woods in small solid blanks for making your own pens (a thriving cottage industry, I was surprised to find). Probably kick-in fairly expensive though? Roger
  15. lachenal74693

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    I know nowt about the suitability of the tango for the Anglo, but I like the sound of the music... Can any kind souls suggest a couple of simple tangos which might be suitable for the Anglo? I've downloaded a couple 'at random' from http://abcnotation.com but they are turning out to be real 'knuckle-breakers' (at least for me ). Thank you folks. Roger
  16. I must admit that I couldn't see anything about the ABC code when I looked at it, which made me think that it was particularly pipe-tune-ish - I couldn't see any other peculiarities either. It's sorta why I raised the query in the first instance - I was puzzled. I mean, it even passes the simple(*) test of 'if it ends on a D it's in the key of D'... However, I'm now a little more knowledgeable about pipes, so I guess that goes into the ledger on the credit side... (*) ...and not necessarily reliable...
  17. The Morris side who have unfortunately (for them!) acquired my 'services', play it as straight Gmaj, as you describe, when we play for a bit of dancing at the end of our Morris sets. 'Twas on 'The Session' I found the version I am burbling about - it was not in the formal 'Settings' at the top of the entry, but buried deep in the comments. Here it is: X:1 T:The Irish Washerwoman R:Jig C:Played by Ewan Boyd on A Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor CD (www.bagpipe.co.uk) Z:Transcribed by Miklos Nemeth reusing extensively an arrangment by P/M Joe Wilson M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:Hp a | fdd Add | fdf agf | gee cee |Ace gfe | fdd Add | fdf agf | gfg eag |fdd d2 :| a | fdd add | fdd agf | gfg ece |Ace gfe | fdd add | fdd agf | gfg eag |fdd d2a | fdd add | fdd agf | gfg ece |Ace gfe | f<af dcd | Adf agf | gfg eag |fdd d2|| a | faf dcd | Adf agf | gfg ece |Ace gfe | faf dcd | Adf agf | gfg eag |fdd d2 :| e | f2f agf | Adf agf | e2e gfe |Ace gfe | f2f agf | Adf agf | gfg eag |fdc d2e | f2f agf | Adf agf | e2e gfe |Ace gfe | faf dcd | Adf agf | gfg eag |fdd d2 |] As you can see, it's scored Hp - which is what caught my attention in the first place. I wouldn't dare do it if I were still living in Edinburgh, within earshot of a few thousand pipers, but yes, some people seem to 'like' it. So much so that I'm looking at a couple of other tunes to vandalise in this way. It does have a serious purpose - helps me learn a little more about music each time I do it - look how much I've learned about pipes since yesterday...
  18. So I should probably give up my (not very serious) attempts to 'simulate' a 'faux-bagpipe' using (1) EasyABC and (2) the drone on my 'tina. Sigh... Quel dommage...
  19. ...and clearer still! I now appreciate why the apparently 'redundant' Gnat is specified in the Hp key sig..Thank you. I've been reading <whatever> about modes since I started - it's veeeery sloooowly starting to penetrate... R.
  20. Jim, thank you for those insights - I think that with this, and the previous contribution from hjcj, I begin to 'understand' the pipes! Certainly, using my ever-present ABC player, I just played the tune(*) back after scoring it in Hp, Amix and D, and it sounded the same each time which helps get the message into my thick skull! Not a totally convincing test, of course, as the ABC player is a very basic tool. I have PM'd you about other matters. Roger. (*) 'Twas 'The Irish Washerwoman'...
  21. lachenal74693

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    On a first sight, the score looks significantly more accessible than those of my 'random' downloads. Thank you. R.
  22. That's the interpretation I was tending towards - ta. That's good - as I said, stuff sounds OK(-ish) on the 'tina - clearly it's not a set of pipes, but I have a drone on one of my instruments and if used in moderation, up to a point, I can do a 'faux-pipes' impersonation... The article I quoted didn't say exactly how far off the 'C' and 'F' actually were, which was bugging me a little. Ta - very helpful. R
  23. Yes, I was wondering about that too?
  24. lachenal74693

    Concertina Spotting: Bonanza

    If we're doing Westerns - some shots from 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' Is it an English or an Anglo? I thought Anglo at first but now I'm not so sure. I captured these shots months ago and have been waiting for a 'legitimate' opportunity to post them...
  25. lachenal74693

    Playing By Ear

    There's also one at: https://portableapps.com/apps/education/solfege-portable though I haven't tried it (yet).