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Five More Tunes

Alan Day

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As promised in Playing in your mind topic,I have recorded and Jeremy(my son) has now posted five more tunes for you all to listen to.

One is It`s a sin to tell a lie" arranged by Iris Bishop for me many years ago and I thought it would be nice for you to hear it.I just hope I have given it the justice it deserves.


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This is again great stuff! While listening to the French Waltz, I joined with my GC one octave higher. This was fun :)

For those having trouble to find it, just click on: http://www.filmsonglass.co.uk/concertina-tunes.htm


Now, this should be an invitation to all of you.. find yourself a microphone and let's hear it!


(edited to add the URL)


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Jim has correctly pointed out that the Mazurka is in fact a Schottishe and the Jig may not be,I am not sure but both of these errors will be rectified when my son returns from holiday.

Sorry for the mistake and thanks to Jim.


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thank you.

Actually I am busy with Irish Music, since I am invited to play for Irish Seta Dancers.

But no coubt I shall come back to your tutor and you will listen some resutl of my practicing.


It is a big enjoyment to listen you playing.


Henk, thanks for the advise where to find Alans Music,quite helpful for some folks.......as for me for example.


I promis you you will very soon listen something I am preparing.

Kind regards

Joachim Delp

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