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  1. You might consider the Arran Concertina Event. For more information see: http://anglo-concertina.net/ace/index.htm Henk
  2. My congratulations to Anne and of course also to you Chris. BTW: the words "Musi Degree" sound very frivolous!
  3. Hi Alex and John At thesession.org you can search on fragments of ABC notation. See attached photo. I guess you have to be a member for this search facility. Good Luck
  4. My friend Jaqueline owns no. 12 and placed a sound sample on soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/jackyvanh/jack-talty-the-morning-st Sounds very nice!
  5. Great work Gary! I was surprised to see my name in the list because I did not give my tablature much exposure in the public domain. I fully agree with your "embarassing gawdawful mess" and exactly that was the main reason for me to make my own tablature. I was inspired by the French Harmonica tablature which is more or less a standard in France and is used in The Netherlands as wel. I am very content with my own system because I can fully understand it Counting from your left pinky to your right pinky from 1 tot 10 feels (for me) very logical. It is for me a great help in finding the most optimal "fingering pattern" for each tune. Henk
  6. Frank, In general I agree with your point(s) of view. However with some tunes you could play "dronish" with an Anglo and use the "series of hiccoughs" as a rhythmic support that sounds a bit hurdygurdy-like... (as Howard Jones states in his reply) Listen to this Flamish Folktune that I recorded on a C/G Anglo concertina a few years ago. The melody (in C) is played on the C-row (right hand), whilst the "drone" (a G) is played with th left hand on the accidental row (when pulling) or on the C row (when pushing). It is by the way a very good excercise for "decoupling" the left hand and right hand movements. P.S. I just read the comment of Howard Jones after posting my original message, so I made an extra remark (between brackets and bold)...
  7. Hi all, This picture was taken a few months ago. It's the group in which I participate by playing my concertina. It's sometimes a wonder how the sound of a fiddle, uileann pipes and concertina can melt together as if you hear only one instrument!
  8. Hello Michael, I made it "simply by hand" but there is a program that produces the same type of tablature from a simple ABC source. The point is however the program does not make the same decissions as I do with respect to playing a certain note or a series of notes in the pull or push direction. The program (or is it an app nowadays?) can be found at: http://members.quicknet.nl/j.coolegem/Mefa.html Henk
  9. Hi Gusten I've never played the Musical Priest before, but I have also a C/G with a Wheatstone lay-out and I gave it a try. I noted my finger-pattern in a simple tablature that (I hope) is understandable. I've attached the result as a GIF file. It is indeed a difficult tune and my tablature is a first approach. Have fun with it!
  10. Great Playing Jody. I play the videos over and over and.... Thanks a lot for mailing them!
  11. Just have a look at http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/piano/!! You can play around and discover all kinds of modes and chords. have fun
  12. Just to inform you about the last update of the Recorded Tunes Links Page. Richard plays two Irish tunes on his Linota in a relaxed way Mark Evans sings and plays "She moved through te Fair" in a superb way. I just realize that I missed some tunes (a.o. from Danny). I will include them in the next update.
  13. Just to inform you. Have a look at http://concertina.wetpaint.com/. Maybe e reason to learn the Dutch language
  14. Well although it's not my native language I give it a try: There once was a squeezer from Denmark He squeezed his cute anglo in the park But she said to him Oh come on dear Jim I'd like you to squeeze me in the dark
  15. I can fully confirm Marien's post. The thing I can add is that I played a Geuns-Wakker (built by Harry Geuns) with pleasure before I sold it some time ago. You can still have a look at the small website (pictures and soundfiles) that I used to promote the selling.
  16. The tune is charming.. The sun is shining.. You look great!... ...so what is the problem with looking "crispée" ..or do you mean "crispy"
  17. Marien Thanks for the links. I found two more in my favorites: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/diato-amateurs/tablates.htm http://diato.org/tablat.htm
  18. Dick, I just noticed that I (not living in England [same as UK??] and not playing EC) can fill in the poll. It's even worse anyone can click all the boxes. So.. how about the reliability of your poll
  19. For those who were not there... We (see photo below) had a great weekend on Arran. Good company, good food, good music, great place to stay, fair wheather. Read more at: http://www.anglo-concertina.net/ace/ see you next year??
  20. Carl, Very nice playing. I could not do better (FWIW). I'm sure you are on the right way.
  21. Hi Chas, Yes, we must meet somewhere at some concertina gathering! Life is very good to me: No more the obligation to work Enjoying my growing family (7 grandchildren) Enjoying (more and more) my Wakker A1 Playing music together with nice friends Looking forward to the Arran Concertina Event in a few weeks BTW: I enjoyed your singing "The Banks of the Dee"
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