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Suppress status updates?

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I've mentioned before that I see these public messages on the RSS feed. Not many - about once every couple of months. With one exception the poster obviously thought they were sending a PM. Another one today - a long personal message - prompts me to suggest that the feature be removed.


This thread on the Invision Community duscusses it. One poster says "...I've seen email addresses, telephone numbers, personal enquiries, all posted publicly via status updates. People don't take the time to read descriptions [that says it's public] they see a field on a profile and proceed to use it.

I disable status updates on every installation. I don't see the point of the feature..."


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I would agree with that. For many not computer affine users, the distinction between PMs and public messenging appears to be too subtle to figure out. A few years ago I remember PMing somebody about a rather embarassing message he had inandvertently put onto somebody else's feed, believing it was purely private. As hard as I tried, I couldn't explain the difference to him...


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