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[closed -- bought one!] WTB: double-reeded 20b anglo

Leah Velleman

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Want to buy a double-reeded 20-button Anglo concertina in C/G.


I'd be extremely interested in a vintage instrument, or a good modern instrument, used or new, especially if it didn't require a long wait. (I don't know if any such things exist, but if they did, I'd be interested.)


I'd consider a Stagi C-2, but they have a bad reputation for quality and responsiveness, and it sounds like lots of repairers won't work on them or don't consider them fixable. If someone's got one that's been tuned up well and made reasonably airtight, or a lead on someone who can do that work, I'd be interested in that too.


Open to other ideas.

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And here it is — a very nice Wheatstone double-reeded 20b. I'm very pleased I ended up with concertina reeds: the tone is fantastic and very strange in a way I'm not quite sure I can put into words. It's loud and almost ringing, with some of the shimmer of an accordion but none of the softness, if that makes any sense. And did I mention loud? It's definitely going to work well as a morris box, and I think I need to invest in hearing protection.


Thanks to Steve Minett for being willing to part with it, and to Bill Crossland for giving it a checkup and a few tweaks before sending it across the Atlantic. It really speaks well for this community that I could trust a couple of guys I've never met with something like this.


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