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Wheatstone G/D concertina


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I’m selling an excellent Wheatstone G/D anglo. I acquired this early 1900s anglo from Greg Jowaisas. The serial number has been worn down to the point where it is not legible, and there are no numbers inside to help date this instrument. It has a seven fold bellows in excellent shape with no patches inside or out. 

I believe the tuning is one of the meantone ones but I don’t know enough about them to be sure. In any case it has a beautiful, rich tone. The layout is Jeffries but the original reeds to put it back to Wheatstone layout and a case are also included. Asking $7,500 OBO. The concertina is in Tryon, NC south of Asheville. Contact Ross Schlabach at rpsqueezer)a-t(gmail.com for more info, additional photos or with questions. Donation to C.net if sold here. 



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11 hours ago, richard said:

Hi Ross

I'm wondering if the inset ends, and the "bone" where the thumbs set on the handles be features of higher level of wheatstone model?




Mine is a C/G but also has the bone  thumb rest and a bone air button and I would say they are some of the best models.




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Hi Richard,

Because the serial number is illegible, I can not refer to the Ledgers and respond authoritatively. Still I believe - like you - that this was a top of the line model. Its construction and more importantly its rich tone and action support that conclusion too. 


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Hello Ross, Just a thought which I'm sure Greg or yourself will  already be aware of? I had owned mine for decades and had it apart numerous times also it had been in to Andrew Norman for new bellows and light touch tuning. The previous owner had it lightly re fettled by Colin Dipper. Nobody ever could put a serial number to it though. A few years after receiving it back from Andrew  I had a spring break.When I split the action enclosure to replace it I noticed (beneath a strongish light) a serial number, difficult to spot but just about readable. I have enclosed an image of the left hand(bass) end showing the impressed number. Might be worth a check on yours with a bright light or a uv lamp?Regards David.




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DDF has solved the mystery! I opened up my G/D Wheatstone and looked carefully where DDF recommended, and voila! Like his, my serial number was hard to see, but from just the right angle, it popped into view: 29346. And that number shows up in the first of the two Dickinson Wheatstone ledgers. The ledger listing was dated Sept. 8, 1923: “AGNP 30 keys Special”. I also spotted the “LINOTA’” stamping on the back sides of the palm rests. And again like DDF’s experience, my concertina had been worked on by Andrew Norman. In my case, his work was dated 1/99 and he applied his business sticker.


All in all, this was a wonderful period of discovery and I thank DDF for his help in demystifying my concertina.


Ross Schlabach




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