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  1. This may or may not be of interest.These are metric measurements from the reeds in my 1917 Wheatstone Linota.
  2. Snap, Many years ago some friends were coming to visit and picked this up in a charity shop en route. They thought it would be a bit of fun. It is in much worse condition than yours but as mine was was double reeded I hung on to it and it has been "a bit of fun". Regards David.
  3. I converted an old 39 lachenal McCann and it is very true that it is only as good as its reeds which were rather average.
  4. You'll find loads of ozone generators/air purifiers on ebay they are pretty cheap as they are quite simple to make. Regards David.
  5. This guys channel is well worth looking through,sorry if its been on here before.David.
  6. Have you ever opened up a concertina and wondered how on earth it came to be full of black dust and muck .The answer might be it was this one mentioned by Walter Wilkinson in his 1927 book The Peep Show."By their conversation they were in a gloomy state of mind and they reminded me of a man I once met who always relieved his low spirits by locking himself in a dark coal cellar and playing a concertina for an hour or two". Walter Wilkinson's 8 books documenting his travels with his puppet show can still be picked up, are all very enjoyable .David.
  7. I think the detector works by induction, it does sense aluminium powder and gold metal.
  8. That reminded me of something that has been on a shelf in the workshop for years.I just dug it out and took a picture I bought it thinking it was gold but when you put a metal detector/stud detector over it it doesn't register.I just put some in a drop of nitric acid and nothing happened so I guess its mica or goodness knows what.I think it was the box it came in mislead me originally.
  9. Try popping it on your kitchen scales then if you depress the key it will show you the pressure you are exerting.
  10. I found the response to be ok but overall the sound of them is a bit disappointing.A little weak and breathy. I would say they are equivalent to a very average set of Lachenal reeds and the sound to be somewhere between accordian and traditional reeds.
  11. If you fancy trying some there is actually a plentiful supply of LV in old abused crown green bowling balls they used to be about a fiver a piece .A challenging recycling project for sure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crown-Green-Bowls-pair-Woods/333447314592?hash=item4da3023ca0:g:DQEAAOSw0-5d~sHe
  12. It says somewhere they are attached with a small firm ball joint on the lever ends and they seal very well. David.
  13. Here you go,not mine by the way .David https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153674196603
  14. Hello,I think you'll find those are two different instruments in your stills.My guess for the one use in the video would be a Wheatstone with wooden ends and nickel buttons? David.
  15. If you need 1 mm these people supply small quantities. https://www.windplus.net/supplies/woven_felt_sheet.html
  16. Superb.I expect you familiar with this one but it always worth another watch.
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Louis-Lachenal-48-button-Concertina-/323799467736?hash=item4b63f3c6d8%3Ag%3A3qkAAOSwCgFc0GIQ&nma=true&si=EdVRvo%2ByNd1FfqJ2I5y0C1qYE6I%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  18. Google shows this. http://www.jollyrogeraccordions.co.uk/
  19. This should help clear up the name pronunciation and is a delightful watch as well. David.
  20. I have 9008 Geoff kindly told me it was made by H T Crabb in 1927. David.
  21. It opened ok for me @9.25 am,thank you.
  22. I just measured the card in a 12 sided Lachenal bellows from around 1910 and they are 1".David.
  23. I did a bit of reed cleaning and resetting today.I resisted the temptation to bring them back up a few cents to be bang on, as it would be very difficult to replace them if anything went wrong. I also made a new o ring to go under the lid so alls well and harmonious in the tea department.
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