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The NorthEast Squeeze-In Young Player Award

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Award Intent:

The NESI Young Player Award is intended to find and encourage a young player (under age 26) who demonstrates a growing interest and engagement in music with a free-reed instrument: concertina, melodeon, or accordion. Commitment to becoming a better player is the primary criterion for selection. Advanced proficiency on the applicant’s instrument is not required.


The award provides registration, housing and meals for the upcoming NESI event.


See details here.


See announcement of the 2024 Squeeze-In here.

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6 minutes ago, wunks said:

Perhaps a sponsorship for an upgraded instrument, lessons and/or tutorial materials would be worthy?  It's tough being under 26 YOA these days 😏.


The organization doesn’t have a lot of cash to give away, and the award isn’t its primary purpose. It’s a volunteer organization running the Squeeze-In since The Button Box decided not to run it any longer in 2010. Providing perks like what you’re describing would require applying for grants and whatever, far beyond the scope of the group.

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Thanks, David, for your accurate clarification of what we who keep the NorthEast Squeeze-In alive are all about. I would add that many people who come to the weekend find it transformative in different ways -- becoming better at playing their instrument, discovering a new genre with a wealth of tunes and songs, finding a teacher, having the experience of performing for an audience for the first time, buying an instrument that elevates their playing, and more. It's just a few days, but it can make a difference. Our primary goal with the award is to bring some younger people into the fold. Like a lot of organizations, we are becoming older and greyer. We need the young folks to join us before we all die off!


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