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Looks like the innards of a Stagi - I have one. Don't know if you can get the action separately; on the other hand, everything is made of sheet aluminium, so if you want a new lever, it shouldn't be too hard to manufacture one with a fretsaw with a blade for metal-cutting.



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It's almost identical to the interior of my own {Hohner branded] Italian produced model from 1999!

I suggest you cautiously see if anyone is selling Stagi model in ebay perhaps, particularly if it is only to be used for interior parts or used for spares. [ would only need those bits so need not be absolutely unused?].. Other than that - I agree try the Italian people that now make the newer models in Italy [ as detailed earlier on this topic pages].

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On 6/2/2023 at 9:40 AM, Theo said:

You might be able to contact the maker through this earlier discussion 




The picture in Theo’s post is a picture I took of my two 46-key Haydens (Wheatstone on left, Bastari on right) on my dining room table in Albany, NY. It is unrelated to the discussion about Stagi, but appears two posts below the quoted post by Simona in Italy. I don’t know how it wound up here.

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