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Couple of tunes on my Kensington


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I don’t play Anglo or Irish Traditional Music, so I’ll leave “constructive criticism” to others (it sounded fine to me). But I will make a suggestion about the videos. If you’re not going to show your face, it would make more sense to film in landscape mode (horizontal phone) than portrait mode (vertical phone). The concertina is wider than it is high, and in your videos we never see the left end and hand, and occasionally all we see are bellows.


My videos all include my face, even though I have a bad case of “concertina face,” and even so, they’re all in landscape mode.


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They sound fine to me also.

I thought you did ok for both of them.

As for video  it is probably better to video landscape, ( long way out) but I can see you recorded them to be listened to primarily and that, to me, is the main thing. ( As it is the music that matters mostly)..They seemed a spontaneous effort and well worth listening to.

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