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Order of posts within a thread

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Is there a way to display the posts within a thread in reverse chronological order i.e. newest posts at the top?

I find this helpful, particularly when older multi-page threads get revived.

It is a user setting in some forum s/w but I can't find it for concertina.net

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Likewise, even without changing any settings you can always click the “Unread Content” link near the top right of any page to see a list of threads with content you haven’t read. If you then click on the name of the thread you are taken to the first post, but if you click on the dot or star to the left of the name you are taken to the first unread post.


I do this routinely every time I go to concertina.net. It’s how I read the site: I click “Unread Content,” then scan the list of displayed thread titles from the bottom up, deciding which ones I’m interested in reading. I right-click the dot or star next to those threads and choose “Open link in new tab” from the pop-up menu that appears. Then I read all the threads open in the tabs, closing each tab as I’m done with it. When there’s nothing left but the “unread” list I click “Unread Content” again just to make sure nothing new has appeared while I was reading, and then click “Mark site read” (right next to “Unread Content”) and leave.


The reason some thread titles have dots and some have stars is that the ones with stars are the ones I have posted in.

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Reverse chronological order isn't a feature offered by the Invision forum software, and won't be, judging from the developer's comments in their forum (invisioncommunity.com/forums).


As well as going to the latest unread post in a thread - which is what I do, and I think is the default - you can go to the latest post.

It does depend on how you read the forum though. Personally I start from the RSS feed - and the latest post there is at the top!


(But the RSS feed has a major flaw: it doesn't show the name of the poster.)

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