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Noel Hill -notations/music?

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i am sure there was something about this a while back, but I can’t find it. Has anyone produced transcriptions and notations of Noel Hills favourites or at least music on his early albums that is isn’t published elsewhere. I thought there was something for sale.  I’d be really grateful for help on this. I’m totally hopeless at reading music for the concertina as distinct for the single note, whistle! So I really need the notation or markup. Thanks.



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Noel Hill offers multiple opportunites for anyone attend his workshops. He gives out the sheet music to those that attend his workshops happily. I would also say the way he played a tune 20 years or more ago could be different than the notes and variations etc that he would do since then.



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It would be a really cool experiment/ exercise to put a midi concertina in the hands of Noel Hill and other's of his caliber to really document, accurately, playing style, note/ button choices and ornamentation.


I would expect that many times, a player of his ability is not even consciously aware of all that they are actually doing. When asked to demonstrate or explain (from memory) "what they did there". their explanation may be incomplete or dumbed down somewhat to teach and or demonstrate.




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