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Advice on upgrading my beginner concertina

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I’ve been playing my McNeela Wren for a bit and am getting to the point where I want to upgrade soon for better responsiveness and preferably concertina reeds. I’m not quite sure where to start, but I’d be willing to spend a few thousand USD on a good instrument. What are some suggestions for current models or navigating the second hand market for anglos?

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Don't forget the dollar to the pound is very strong at the moment, so instruments that may have been out of reach a while back, are definitely more affordable now. I have picked up two from Barleycorn in the the UK recently for that very reason. The transaction and shipping went smoothly, with just a small amount of taxes/duties applied on arrival.

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Barleycorn have a good reputation and a good stock.  I've had a couple from them.  Hopefully, the Pound is as low as it's going to be...


With second hand/used/vintage instruments, the condition and tone are more important than the maker's name.  I have played lovely Lachenals and a couple of mediocre Jeffries.  It's always good to try before you buy, and at the very least, see some good clear photos and video.


Be cautious of eBay.  There may well be some good instruments for sale, but there are also many fake adverts with photos hijacked from other sources.  Often the same photo of a vintage instrument will appear on several adverts in succession.


As for modern makes, everyone will have preferences.  You will have to balance specification against price against lead time, and other variables.


Remember that it is unlikely to be the last one you buy, but it is far easier to buy than to sell!

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