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All ages can learn;

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Here I was set thinking as someone who once taught in Adult education ( art classes).. where the sessions were filled with all ages ( we might consider grownups,).. Which covered people in twenties.  to Seventies, as example; how important it is to realise that learning can continue beyond that parameter usually associated. ( School or college)..

And this goes for learning on musical things too; free reed family being my thoughts here. They are compact, accessible, and somehow grab the attention of a potential new student, and, as we all know here, quickly become quite addictive to want to play on.

Has anyone else news about older people taking on concertinas? Later in life learning  perhaps? You do NOT have to stop learning in youth; it should be possible and open for everyone; whether aged 10 or 100!

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So I started to play concertina when I was almost 67. I had never played an instrument. Could not read music and still can’t. Have no ear

But I try to play everyday and it brings me joy

Recently another woman who is taking Caitlin’s online classes posted that she started at 90


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Such a positive addition to my topic!

It is good to hear that learning can still bring joy; I think it's the reward of seeing ability progress, sometimes maybe with a bit of effort, from a humble beginning, the first steps of pressing a little button, on hearing the initial sound emanate, up to that first melody you are satisfied with making, by yourself! So, keep up that enthusiasm, and it may become 'infectious' to all...

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