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Keep all your bits and pieces!

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I have a small matchbox at home, and there' s no matches inside it now; instead within  it you will find a varied selection of all the oddments, and things required to replace concertina parts. There's lots of metal ends that fit onto the lever mechanism ( usual on my type of Instrument).. and little tube bits, that cushion the buttons, also tiny screws, thin offcut of brass, and even one prototype alloy button I tried to make, about a decade ago.

If I replace a button then I put the old one in that matchbox; which has proved useful many times when servicing concertina.

Of course if you are unsure do not attempt to service your squeeze box yourself; but for those that can do the basics, I say again keep all those little bits! Don't throw them away.

Look at my matchbox! It's a miniature treasure-trove!!


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Top marks for Sustainability!


My workshop is full of small, re-used packages like that. But then, I'm not only a concertinist, but also a banjoist, railway modeller and ship modeller, and have to repair and maintain furniture in the house.




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Many years ago, actually, I also used matchbox like this to put my tooth inside! Then "tooth fairy".. would leave money nearby!

I was wondering if this will happen with my bits and pieces match box, with button pieces in? I shall keep my eyes open for golf sovereign appearing under my pillow!!!

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