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R.I.P Mike Knudsen - Ragtimer

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RAc pointed out in another thread that Mike Knudsen, who posted to concertina.net as Ragtimer, passed away this past March. His obituary is here.


I first met Mike at the NorthEast Squeeze-In (NESI) back in the Bucksteep Manor days. He had just bought his first concertina, a Stagi Hayden. Later, he also acquired one of the early square 66-button Bastari Haydens:


(From his concertina.net avatar photo)   av-822.jpg


He composed quite a few tunes in the Ragtime idiom. Our playing styles were very different, but we became friends, although we had been out of touch in recent years. Last I saw him he was developing Parkinson’s disease which was affecting his ability to play. His last visit to concertina.net was April 12, 2012.

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  So sorry to learn that Mike Knudsen passed on.  We first met in Sunderland at the Button Box  in 2008 or 2009 I believe,  during one of the Northeast Concertina Workshops (NCW).  We became friends and  corresponded by e-mail on many occasions. 

  Mike and a few others including myself,  helped  (we hoped!)  Doug Creighton   and Judy Hawkins   develop the admirable  Morse Beaumont  Hayden duet.  We studied on it rather intensely especially with regard to what we perceived as the probable advantages of  palm bars  parallel to button rows. This was not looked on favorably by the inventor, Brian Hayden,   who preferred button rows slightly slanted to the bars.   We also  plugged for 1/8" diameter buttons.  Both these features, in the opinion of Mike,  myself   and a few others including  Jim Bayliss and Jim Albea,   were  benefically   incorporated  into  the instrument much to the credit of Doug and Judy.  It's a very nice 'tina indeed.  Mike truly was multi talented,   an innovator,  and much else as  evidenced by  his musical compositions and engineering skills.  He was also a very nice person and always wanted to be helpful.  It's a big loss that he is gone. 

   Thanks to  David Barnert for bringing Mike's  sad demise  to our attention.  I hadn't heard from Mike for quite a while and feared the PD may have got him,  which,  sadly it had.  I  and many others will miss you Mike...a good man.  

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6 hours ago, robertovich said:

Thanks to  David Barnert for bringing Mike's  sad demise  to our attention.


In January I was asked to write up an obituary for the NorthEast Squeeze-In web page. The result, combining information from my memory, his on-line obituary, his comments on concertina.net, and his wife’s Wikipedia page (!) and slightly edited by others is here on the “In Memoriam” page.

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I was very sad to read about Mike Knudsen's passing. Though I never met him in person, I always enjoyed reading his contributions to this website, and his support for my system of Duet. 

I send my condolences to his wife, children, and all members of his extended family. 


Brian Hayden.  

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