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    Play Morris (Button Box) Beaumont Hayden Duet. Eclectic musical interest suitable for the Hayden (it's very versatile) such as popular, folk, Irish, hymns, etc.
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    upper New York State

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  1. You can perhaps rent a Stagi Hayden from the Buttonbox. I did that, then bought one which I played for about 3 years. It worked OK for me. Since then, bought a Morse (Buttonbox) Beaumont and have become quite attached to it, so I recommend it. Two issues stand out on the Stagis and Beaumonts which you should consider, namely the position of the palm bar relative to the button rows, and the diameter of the buttons. Stagi palm bars are at a small angle to the rows, while the Beaumont bar is parallel to the rows. I prefer the latter but feel that both approaches work when one gets used to them.... Re. the button diameters, the Stagi's are c. 5/16" and the Beaumont's are 1/4". Both work OK and I consider the 1/4" to be the minimum for comfort. Many of the other brands of'tinas out there use c. 3/16" buttons (ouch!). My Beaumont came with somewhat domed button tops and since this caused my fingers to slip under some conditions (like dry, cool, hands), I had them flatten the tops a bit and find this much preferable. Hope these tips are helpful.
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