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Advice wanted on getting concertina restored

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Hi - I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking for advice on where/how to get a concertina restored. I'm in the London (UK) area.


It's a 1928 Wheatstone 56 button machine, in reasonable order I think, but after some years of neglect quite a few of the buttons are stuck down. It was my grandfather's, and spent some time in India before he passed it on to me. I used to play a bit, and if I can get it restored I'm thinking I might take it up again.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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Hi Mark,

there are  quite a few  good  restorers  not  far  from London.  The  only  one  I  have  used  recently  is  David  Robertson  who lives in Norwich.  David  was  quick and  efficient  and made a fine  bellows  for  my  Aeola.  You  can find him  on this  website.


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Yes, still in Norwich and plying for hire. And thanks largely to Brexit, the waiting list isn't what it used to be! 

You can find out more about me and what I do at concertina-restoration.co.uk. And if you'd like to talk about your instrument, feel free to call me on 01603 702644 or 07840 838899.

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