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Change Of Heart Regarding Vintage

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Maybe that should be the Chris-cross Algar-bra ?


On the draw it both supports AND seperates! :o





Helen: I fear you have the wrong Greg! I'm not going to the Catskills. Perhaps Greg J??? (I wouldn't even try to spell his last name without peeking!) No need to study up!


Greg "RelCollect" Knipe


PS - I was surprised to not get boo'd for the "Flowers for Algar-non" remark. You must all be very pun-tolerant!

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You must all be very pun-tolerant!

You've been a member here since February, and you're just discovering that? :unsure:


A-pun my word, we have many pun-dits here, and some of us are postively pun-itive. Sometimes the punning gets so heavy it's punderous. In fact, if we weren't so friendly, we'd be reenacting the Pun-ic wars, but we manage to keep it down to a healthy (your opunion may differ) competition. :D


We are pun-pals around the world. I suggest you punder the implications, then pick up your pun-cil and join us, since we're sure you can't beat us, though we welcome your attempts. Either way, you will be suitably pun-ished. :)

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I know its off topic, but someone sent me this (It made me cringe!)


"There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest. He sent in ten


different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win.


Unfortunately, no pun in ten did."


Derek :ph34r: (in mask to protect from tomatoes and rotten eggs etc)

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Upun my word, I hadn't meant to punt out what fun with puns out Jim subjects us to, but we are fair punch drunk with it sometimes ...

Who opuned this Pundora's box, anyway?



Edited to add more puns!

Edited by Samantha
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Any relation to U.S. Civil War Brigadier General Joseph Farmer Knipe?


I have absolutely no idea....seems a fair bet that he's related somehow. To my knowledge, no one has ever done any geneological research on my family.

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Tis okay, Greg K, I was hassling Greg J.


Unless I tease him to death, we are riding to the Catskills together. :)


Just to be clear, there will be no singing. None. At all.


From me. Greg, you can sing all you want.


And Greg K. you can pun with the best of them.


Helen :)

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And he might be, if he ever gets to read this thread


If he piblicly admits to playing concertina, he must be used to good-natured ribbing by now! (If one more person says "Arr, matey. Where be yer parrot?" I'll snap!)

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