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  1. I would also like to say thanks for reviving this topic. It is very interesting reading about all of the tunes. I didn't initially realize that it was an old topic and I was going to post that I didn't know one of the tunes, and there was my post saying exactly that. It was a little eerie, to say the least. Sorry that I have been gone so long, but it is nice to be back. And I have jotted down many of the tunes people mentioned on this thread to play. Also the tune books. I am especially interested in the piper book. So, thanks all and happy holidays.
  2. This was all very helpful. Especially the parts that did not involve singing. Since my music teacher in fifth grade told me not to sing, I haven't. Although I am considering it. Well no. The world has enough problems without me singing.
  3. OOOO I can't believe I missed this thread. You did a PA thread without me! Of course PAs are cool. Starting the week of April 21, I'll have a week off from my 2 jobs so I can read Cnet to my heart's content. So, you know, save up your good stuff for that week! Just kidding. This was a great thread and thanks to the people who resurrected it so I got a chance to see it. Maybe during that week I'll check out all the websites mentioned. Hi everyone.
  4. Ah well, now we are hitting my ability to pay! Camps can be a lot of fun. I think I like them best for the social aspect. I go away with many new friends and have a ball. However, along about Wednesday afternoon, I am tired of learning things and want to go home. I think I am now better served at long weekend endeavors. I just don't like to be away as much any more.
  5. How very interesting. Maybe someone will adopt the town and save it. Amazing where you will find people who have been involved with musical instruments. Thanks for this posting. Wish I could come to Texas. Maybe sometime.
  6. Alan, If you mean me, I am still in Ohio. If you mean the Scot, I guess Scotland.
  7. My Bichon hates the accordion. yeah I know. He used to hate the concertina, but now runs down to see what I am doing. He no longer howls when I play the concertina. I don't know if there is any significance in his new liking of my concertina playing. Maybe since the concertina has been to church with me it has "mellowed"!
  8. Ohhh, now I want to meet the accordion playing Scot who fiddled, so to speak, with the autoharp.
  9. Wow, I loved everyone's stories. Sorry, I fell off the internet for a while again, but I am back. Someone asked if I played PA for the church. Yes, I have. The concertina is easier to lug around. The PA has a little more range though! I think the coolness factor has a lot to do with people liking me playing in church. (Wait, no, I mean the coolness of the concertina; certainly not me.) Also, I think they feel if they encourage me, I'll come to church more! The playing with others in a group was why I hesitantly approached these guys in the first place. I was planning on being lost in a group playing folk or bluegrass music at someone's house. However, the thrown in at the deep end type of playing certainly worked for me. I was surprised that people liked it and astonished that they applauded. In church. So, yes I got hooked. I like the camaraderie also (did I spell that correctly?). You guys are so brave who kept at it when you felt the whole experience went wrong. I might have hidden for good. Here's to you.
  10. Hi Everyone, I missed you all. I was off work for a long time, sick, went back to work for two weeks and fell and broke my leg. Off again. Now I am back at work and back at C.net. I only played my concertina hidden away in my house with the dogs as an audience. But now I am hooked on playing in public. I am in a band at church. Yes at church. A Quaker Church, at that. I thought that I would start by playing with other members in a LARGE group at someone's home. That changed to me doing a solo at the church the very next day. I recommend not having time to think. It worked for me. I played Amazing Grace. Everyone clapped. I was shocked. And hooked. I joined the band and am having the time of my life. How could I ever think playing alone at home was the only way to go. So, how did the rest of you start to play in public? What was your first instrument to play and what tune? I know everyone is far ahead of me, rushing right out to play with others. I was a bit shy. I'll talk to strangers, but playing was a big leap for me.
  11. I have not heard of Winster Gallop or Winster Processional. Are they English pieces or am I just unaware?
  12. Thanks for the info on the CDs, John. I realized that you had said the recent gig was not recorded, but from the thread, I thought you had other CDs. I am looking forward to getting one or both. Very nice to hear from you.
  13. Wow, this was great. I'm going to try some of these resources. thanks, Leo.
  14. Wonderful to hear that you are out and about and having fun. John or Al, which CD? I like jazz and would love to buy the CD is that is possible. Again, great to hear that you did the gig and successfully started a post!
  15. Oh, this was too funny. I'm back after a couple of months and this just had to be my first topic to read. Good for you Mark (and Joan). Sure took guts. Oh great, now everyone will have a word about guts. Brave of you. Great topic Al and hi.
  16. Hi Henk, glad you are back. Rhomylly, please email me. I have been sick again and now am desparately looking for another job. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Hi all. Keep on squeezin'. Thanks for the email Alan.
  17. Well, since I have been missing for months, I thought it would be ironic to join this thread. Hi Henk, hope to hear from you soon.
  18. Hey Dirge, Sorry if I was the one who tipped you over the edge. I thought in my reply I stated that I thought the seller was getting a hit moneywise when the buyer uses Paypal. I try not to use credit cards when dealing with small businesses. Paypal when dealing with unknown people on ebay has some advantages for the buyer. I have seen listings on ebay that say only verified Paypal users, but perhaps they can't enforce that and only people like me believe it. Rants are fun. Rant away.
  19. You know, I think I have a better shot at getting the money over by the drop the bottle method than by the toss the suitcase method. Perhaps I should buy something else just for the sheer joy of lobbing over the money. Spending money has never been so much fun. Perhaps I could talk all sellers into this new method.
  20. Hey Al, Congrats on the bathroom. I am thinking it might be easier on you if you just ask your wife what she wants remodeled next. Instead of the "foreplay" of chasing the mouse. Course, you still have to dismantle everything either way and chasing the elusive mouse might have been a fun way to do it. So, will you give us updates and pictures of your next project? Hee hee.
  21. Hey Theo, You can send money to me if you want to see if it works out. I'll even tell you how I spent it! Gosh, this new payment plan to Frank sounds like a lot more fun than the way I paid him. Does the money have to have a visa? Oh no, that would make it a credit card. I wonder if I have a strong enough arm to sling it over. Hm, may have to practice. A new musical practice technique is born. I've used PayPal and liked it, but I am pretty sure the seller loses some of the money in fees. Probably like when someone uses a credit card. I assume part of the money goes to the credit card company.
  22. Hi Rikki. Hi Sandy. Sandy, how did he indicate C natural in the key signature? By writing C natural or well I guess I can't imagine how. That's why I am asking. This is so interesting. Thanks.
  23. Hey, I like that chair. Oh Chris, just keep posting. I am off playing music with Stephen. Although not together. And not at the same time. But playing all the same.
  24. Hi M3838, How did you modify your 20 button? To add a C#? what did you exchange? I loved my 20 button. I guess because of its accessibility. So, that is probably why I love my 24. All within easy range for a small-handed person. Just interested in how you modified it. I love the ingenuity of musicians to be able to play what they want to play. Many people tinkered with their hammer dulcimers to get the notes they wanted without buying a larger dulcimer. Those modifications interested me also. I, on the other hand, have no tinkering ability. Just awe for those who do. Thanks, Helen
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