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EnjoyinEnjoying a Wheatsone Myfair 30 button Anglo Concertina

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Hello Concetina Fellows out there

This reflects more or less the big smille, I am having on fce, produced by one of the above mentionned instruments afer a long waiting time, due to Covid and I  crry this smile ininterruably on my face until today, bacaus my new instrumetn makes me enjoy som much. U have b een readingher sme comment about Mayfair vs. other modernmade hyvrid concertinas and I there may b e some interest to read what I have to say.

The one I got, from UK for a fair price, not perfect, nut in good working condition, makes me happy and provoques to play it much more frequently, than I ahve used my China Mad Tina, distributed in ireland.

When I say n ot perfect, I mean

it has most likely never perfect, to accomplish with the premsses, under which these Concertina may have b een build in its time.

And ot perfect due to some minor defects, which I can fix or shall make fix by moe qualified püersons than I am.


Bellows:    7 fold for harmonic playing, very smooth , flexiuvblble pushing and drawing, a lot of air

Action; quick and no noises

Reeds: Sounding very nice, not too mch different fomr traditionl Concertina reeds. I undersand the reeds may b e Italian ones, but I wonder who has made them, Excellent, good dynamics from origina, I think , but can be improed, by adjsutments and fine tuning. Acuall there are some reeds which respond at equale or similar Air pressure a bit differently.

Butons: I have some sticking ones, thos buttons should remain in a slightöy deeper position, when not pressed. When pressing their is produced some braking  and slight stucking, since the point of the keay soes not enter cleanly into the hoe. I think I know how to dot, some fine adjustment n the levers, I guess.


Oover all:

Beter than  double pripced vintaeg Lachenal, I have received earler.

Beter than the not b ad Swans, Blackthorns etc.

Comparable to some modern hyb rid accordion reeded middle class instruments,


Not a good than the higher priced hybrid concrtinas when new in some details.


This is compnsated with difference by the chame and feeli ng of this vintage instrument.


And it can be easily improved, avoidig the stickings, valving me of the reeds or b etter al of them, improving to a almost proessional type dynamic.


I am in love with this instruments, which is no beauty queen, but is, as i like, more and better function and service than it appears. NOt fancy at all. The meal ends could be of a more beautiful dsign, but once cleaned and polished up softly, also the appearance will be impoved.


It has imprved my playng so much, that next Tuesday I shalll be some hours moving through the streets of Damrstad and make Music. Curious if omevody will ask to sstopü producing ugly loud nosises or if people will pay me for running away, or if I shal receive some little money, because my playing may be capable to produce one or the other smile.


If somebody wants to know about my experience as a newby as street musician, he can ask me.


If smebody wants to selll his Myfair, i would be happy eceving offers.



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Hi Joachim,


I am in the middle of servicing a fleet of Mayfair English System instruments for a concertina teacher, I have done several now, and they are excellent instruments, without exception. One thing I have noticed is that their are, without fail, tuned sharp, and that that tuning is variable so say an average of 15 cents, +/- 5 cents.


If you are playing for your own amusement, or solo, or perhaps learning then not too much issue. However if you are to play with others then this might to be a problem to you, or others. You might wish to check your tuning. I suspect that reeds were bought 'pre-tuned' and just fitted, but that is just a guess.



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On 3/31/2021 at 10:00 AM, d.elliott said:

 I suspect that reeds were bought 'pre-tuned' and just fitted, but that is just a guess.




That would make sense Dave.  Italian reed makers supplying "tuned" reeds usually supply them a few cents sharp because doing the final in situ tuning is slightly easier tuning down than up.

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The reeds tune up fairly easily, although The reed blocks are held in place with a pair of mini (simple) finger clamps. In each case I have ended up having to ream out the holes in the clamps, to be able to remove and fit the clamps and thus the reed blocks, to replace valves and make tuning adjustments. At least they are not waxed into place!



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