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Wheatstone English Concertina


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18 hours ago, Patr said:

I tried to check age of concertinas, but could not find anything under codes

53318 and 53152


59 minutes ago, Geoff Wooff said:

Pictures  could be helpfull.   Are you sure  these are  Wheatstone  concertinas ?


26 minutes ago, conband said:

it sounds  more like a Lachenal number rather than Wheatstone.  Sometimes at first glance they can look quite similar.


If it were a Lachenal, it would be from well before 1900, so I expect difficult to confuse with a late Wheatstone.


Assuming that Pat knows what he's talking about, I did a little searching and found this article by Bob Gaskins.  (Still exists, but no longer accessible from its original location?)  Lots to read, but worth reading through.  It appears to confirm my own suspicion that there's a ledger that's been lost -- so of course it's missing from the Horniman collection, -- which would have covered Wheatstone serial numbers 50001 through 55471.


According to that article, your two instruments should be from the period 1948-1950.

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