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Sailor Songs for Concertina - Gary Coover

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Gary's new book, "Sailor Songs for Concertina" showed up in my mail box yesterday.  It's GREAT ... and a perfect add-on to his Pirate Songs book.  I'm an unabashed fan of Gary's books since I started attempting the Anglo, primarily because provides a clear rendition of dots and chords.  The tabs are useful to see some accompaniment rhythm but they confuse me, I'll admit.  So I played through a few item last night on the Tedrow Harley and then again on one of the Cranes ... that's what I really like about Gary's books, they're clear enough ... and it could just be the size of the print on these eyes ... that you can just pick up and play.


Well done, Gary! 

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Here are the songs in Sailor Songs for Concertina (sorry, no Wellerman since the book was published before that song became popular):


A Tall Ship for Texas, A Wife in Every Port, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, Alabama John Cherokee, Banks of Green Willow, Banks of Newfoundland, Barrack Street, Black Ball Line, Blow Ye Winds, Bold Benjamin, Bold Riley, Bonnie Ship the Diamond, Cape Cod Girls, Dark Eyed Sailor, Donkey Riding, Essequiba River, Farewell Nancy, Farewell to Nova Scotia, Farewell to Tarwathie, Fhear A Bhata (The Boatman), Fiddler's Green, For Those Lost at Sea, Frisco Ship, General Taylor, Golden Vanitee, Good Ship Kangaroo, Greenland Whale Fisheries, Handsome Cabin Boy, Hearts of Gold, Heave Ya Ho, Home Boys Home, I Will Set My Ship In Order, I'll Go and List for Sailor, I'll Go to Sea No More, Jim Jones, Just as the Tide was Flowing, Keeper of the Eddystone Light, Lady Leroy, Leaving of Liverpool, Let the Bulgine Run, Lindy Lowe, Little Fishes, Lord Franklin, Lowlands Away, Lowlands of Holland, Maggie May, The Mermaid, Mingulay Boat Song, My Johnny Was a Shoemaker, New York Girls, Noah's Ark, One More Day, Our Captain Cried All Hands, Our Good Ship Lies in Harbor, Outward & Homeward Bound, Paddy West, Pleasant & Delightful, Port of Many Ships, Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth, Rambling Sailor, Rio Grande, Roll Alabama Roll, Roll Down, Roll the Woodpile Down (Way Down in Florida), Rolling Down to Old Maui, Round the Bay of Mexico, Rounding of Cape Horn (Gallant Frigate Amphitrite), Sail Away, Sailor at the Fair, Sailor's Alphabet, Sailor's Hornpipe, Santiano, Saucy Sailor, Shallow Brown, Shenandoah, Ship in Distress, Skye Boat Song, Stately Southerner, Tommy's Gone Away, Tom's Gone to Hilo, The Water is Wide, The Weary Cutters, Weary Whaling Grounds, Whaleman's Lament, When I Was a Fair Maid, Wild Goose, Yarmouth Town, Yellow Gals

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