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Designing A Modern "campaign Concertina" For Travel And Tropic

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21 hours ago, lordzedd said:

What a thread! Was any further development able to happen with this project?

I think a significant part of the discussion revolved around the difficulty of finding suitable

alternative materials for the bellows?


Edward Jay had a project to make concertinas using 3-D printed parts:




I think at the time he was still using leather bellows.


I think there were a couple of other projects centred around the possible use of 3-D

printed parts.


Paul Harvey at Flying Duck Concertinas  mentions the use of 'vegan' bellows and 'washable

paper' bellows, without going into too much detail. Maybe these would be up to the job? 

He also discusses the continued use of traditional leather bellows.


Maybe a fusion of the two approaches might lead to a viable 'campaign concertina'?


I think the whole idea is really interesting - I'll be somewhere near the head of the queue

to try one out if they ever hit the streets...


Later Edit: Ah! More about synthetic bellows in this thread. Synthetic chamois is mentioned.

Thought I'd seen something else somewhere...

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