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Jeffries Duet Back On Ebay

Chris Timson

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Nearly happened to me today on an eBay 'tina sale - thanks to the member(s) who tipped me off in advance; sale still went ahead, but at lease one bidder was 'knocked out' by the hassle.


Can only suggest staying at your computer for the last few hours, and deleting any dubious bidders as soon as they appear. Nice as my 'box was/is, I do think that £10M may have been a bit of an over-estimate as to its value!

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Not as easy to delete these scam bids as it sounds because they have now taken to bidding at the last second with a massive bid!

Is it just concertinas or is this something that happens elsewhere on ebay.

Take care folks


Is the purpose of this particular scam just to annoy the seller, or what? I don't see how these bidders gain anything from their actions.

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Under 'another ebay scam' posting I noted this - for a Jeffries Anglo I believe and a Chris Algar posting was hit on the same day. I thought I heard that they were active in the autos area also. It'll be interesting to see how ebay approach it as it could start turning peope off the ebay experience.


I guess limiting the amount new bidders with no feedback can bid would help. Unfortunately some genuine bidders may get hit as well.

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