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  1. Nearly happened to me today on an eBay 'tina sale - thanks to the member(s) who tipped me off in advance; sale still went ahead, but at lease one bidder was 'knocked out' by the hassle. Can only suggest staying at your computer for the last few hours, and deleting any dubious bidders as soon as they appear. Nice as my 'box was/is, I do think that £10M may have been a bit of an over-estimate as to its value!
  2. Sorry Dan, I don't see your problem. Surely all genuine players welcome the maximum information regarding any concertinas that may be available? This excellent forum is an ideal place to let all us fanatics know what is out there! My post was in the 'Buy and Sell' section - it seems rather strange to be offended by seeing details of 'tinas listed here for sale! There has already been much interest in my 'tina (9 bids, 73 watchers and one player who came to inspect it). I'm simply making every effort to ensure that everyone who has a genuine interest in owning the Anglo to play has a chance to buy it. I'm not a dealer, so am not up to date with current values. I make my living from music, without the security of a '9 to 5' job so am not in a position to throw money away. eBay is a chance for me to find the current fair market value; posting the notice on this site also increases the chance that the instrument will go to a genuine player, rather than a collector. ? How is the posting on this site acting as a "credibility certificate"? Surely anyone with a modicum of experience regarding eCommerce will make their own enquiries and judgement before buying? We probably all know that Canadian lottery wins, and unclaimed sums in Nigerian bank accounts are to be avoided, is it not patronising to suggest that forum members should be protected from 'scams' by banning all such posts? We're all big girls and boys Dan, please don't suggest censorship be imposed on us! Regarding paying a fee to this site, it has always been my intention to make a donation should the eventual winner come from here. To assume that I was not going to is, frankly, insulting - I rely on my reputation in running my business - It's not a hobby for me. That's the bit from my soapbox. I believe in free access of all information, and in paying my debts. Luv and kisses Paul Hurst
  3. Hi another 'tina on eBay - lovely metal ended/bone buttoned instrument listed as item No. 3760684245, Click here. Any queries email paul@barndance.co.uk, or call 01892 723376. About 4 days to go... Have worked out the layout for those who are interested; please see here Link
  4. The concertinas are usually fine, by security at Stanstead did take exception to the spanner I use to play triangle - I suppose they thought I was going to un-bolt the wings! Was also asked if there was a gun in a long case I was carrying "No, it's worse than that, it's a set of bagpipes!"
  5. Hi I had the same problem re learning; speeding up on the 'easy' bits - got round it by doing the rounds of all the local sessions, and by practicing more with others. There is also an 'in ear' metronome advertised on eBay thay may be of interest - contact me if you need more details. Twofold suggestion re point two:- Firstly practice until everything becomes automatic, so that you know you won't get it wrong, rather than you can get it right. Secondly, work your way up from low-key gigs such as charity do's, folk clubs etc - find bands who will let you sit in 'acting/unpaid' at the back without a mic just to get the 'feet on stage' feel, then work up from there. Again, I may be able to help here. If you still suffer from nerves then find someone else to work with in a duo - there is far less pressure this way, and you can cover for any 'fluffs' (although I'd always prefer to have a single musician for Morris). Re the audience joining in - If you practice with others, this becomes easier to deal with. The hard part is deciding if you can 'go' with the rhythm (or one of the rhythms!) the audience have, or if you need to keep to the original. I just concentrate on the tune, and play as few notes as possible as loudly as possible. Overall, when playing for a dance group, I would pick on the most solid dancer and just concentrate on their feet - letting them set the speed. Hope this helps Paul Hurst
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