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Change Username?

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Well, I looked behind the curtain and have found no information unique to this forum system. But I'll guess Paul configured it in the usual way; normally you don't let users change their username because there are mischeivious folks out there who will do it multiple times in the midst of a thread to stir up other people and so on.


You can always create a new account with a different name and start using that. But we enjoy knowing who you are, Jim, something I wish we could have everyone do, along with putting their location in their profile.


Ken Coles

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>You can always create a new account with a different name

>and start using that. But we enjoy knowing who you are, Jim


Well, I like knowing who I am, too. But it occurred to me it might be wise to separate my avocational presence on the Web from my vocational one, so to speak. But it's not a big deal, and not worth confusing people here who now know me.

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Eh Up all.


I only have a Christian name and a Surname. I'm beginning to develop an inferiority complex :o


I'll add my wish to Ken's.......

I would be great if everyone would review their membership details and add a little more information about themselves, their interests and general location. Please give it some thought.


I am aware that there are some folk with genuine reasons for assuming a 'screen name' but I feel that in a really friendly forum such as this, many more folk could consider using their real names. I really feel that it make for more personal and friendly exchanges.


I think the use of screen names only really became an issue when we changed over from the old forum. A proportion of the existing members re-registered on the new forum with screen names and incoming new members simply followed suit. There was, at the time, certainly a large degree of mistrust of the new system which may have contributed to the situation and I also suspect that many of these re-registrations were 'in error'. I have a strong feeling that, given a 'hassle free' opportunity, quite a few would chose to change back to real names.

I'm sure there must be a way of doing this somewhere in the software without losing 'credit ratings', previous posts and the like and I would have thought that a change from a 'screen name' to a 'real name' would be acceptable to the moderators. (as if they havn't got enough work to do to keep us all happy without this :ph34r: )



I may live in hope though I die in despair....





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I must agree with Jim and Dave ,I have been looking at another site recently where some of the contributors use farmyard names and it is nothing short of being stupid.At least sign off with your own name so that people can respond to a person.

Al OINK OINK :ph34r:

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