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Recent Concertinas In Video

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These are for the most part recent posts, but not all within the last week.


Jacqueline Edeling in concert: op concertina en bandoneon


Michael Turner's Waltz


I found a real treat, at least for me. I've always had an interest in the Irish Arts Week event in the Catskills of New York, but have not as yet been able to attend, though my money did one year (I registered and paid, then had to cancel for work the week before the event). Looking on YouTube I discovered a great collection of good video from the 2012 event. I've singled out a few below, but there are a great many more in the collection and they capture many aspects of the event (including additional concertina content) - the last link in this group will take you to them. Note that many of the videos have a minute or more of common introductory scenes so they may look like repeats at first, but you can easily skip over that to get into the unique content.


A look at classes held - Msgr. Charlie Coen concertina class at about the 7:15 point in this segment.

CIAW 2012 #046A -Part One, Class Visits Wednesday


A three part interview and tribute to Msgr. Charlie Coen.


Many more good videos from the 2012 event featuring classes, sessions and performances at:



There are some other recent postings on YouTube but I don't have time to post links to them all today.


Edited to flag the common introductory material in the Catskills Irish Arts Week (CIAW) videos.

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