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You'd get it significantly cheaper this week! ;)


...with the extra of (no, not another pic, but) a quite friendly and exhaustive reply:


The 30 Keys are arranged for the usual Wheatstone 3-Row system C Sharp, but I've presently switched the low A to the Draw on the G Row (as a personal preference), which I think matches the Jeffries system of placement - please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't find it much heavier than a 30-Key because it is so well balanced, but here again, 30 Key concertinas can vary greatly in weight, depending on whether the ends are made of heavy hardwood or lighter stuff. I wouldn't be convinced that a concertina's weight is relevant to its responsiveness, but then I might be wrong about that. I currently have an old-style 20-key Anglo-German which is about once and a quarter the size of this 50-Key, and also a 30-Key, and I can switch playing between them no bother. Variety is the spice of life I guess. However, a more competent player than I could, no doubt, make a better fist of utilizing all the extra notes on the 50-key. Again, I've come across very good 30-Key ones which seem slower to respond than this 50-Key one, but then that's personal to myself. People have different shoulder/arm strength/weight by nature, and such anatomical factors can make responsiveness seem 'better' or seem 'worse'. 'Horses for courses', and 'Beauty is is the eye (ear?) of the beholder'! So, is that seven for the price of one, to keep you going?! Regards

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You'd get it significantly cheaper this week! ;)



€5200, which failed to get any offers, is only a 2% reduction on £4600 at present exchange rates. Also it was an increase on the €4800 minimum bid he got no offers in his previous two auctions for this instrument. He did put it to auction recently with a minimum bid of €480, but he stopped that auction. It was clearly a misprint.

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