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    Choral singing,recorder and concertina playing. Downhill skiing.
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  1. British Govt. have recently extended total sales ban on Ivory items made after 1947. Antique items are not affected. Theoretically I cannot legally sell my ivory banded set of recorders now!
  2. Alan, glad the pros can make a few bloops! Gives heart and hope to us amateurs. Next job for my box is three (I think) pinholes in the bellows. Have to decide whether to tackle it myself or pass it over to one of the pros!
  3. Dolmetsch Recorders have lots of free downloadable scores for recorders, any number you want, almost!
  4. We have village carol singing in Worcestershire where I live, at the village shop that used to be on the green,(now closed) but has now moved to be a community shop nearby at the village hall. Singers then move to one of the local houses and then to one of the local pubs. Backbone of the singers is Community choir and Church choir members who keep the village residents on track! Carols are, unfortunately, mostly from the "traditional" type sung in church or schools, not what we would call folk carols which is a pity I think. It still goes down well. There's no instrumental accompaniment to this We also had carol singers going around all the houses before Christmas in my home village in Herefordshire, It's a long time ago now, but was a regular feature then.
  5. An impressive stack, and our tree isn't up yet!
  6. So no more air concertina now! Well done, enjoy it.
  7. Are there any apps for non Apple Androids?
  8. SteveS, That was what I was alluding to (!), although any heat would be very localised.
  9. Play air concertina while you're waiting!
  10. I know that white spirit removes wax and wax shoe polish, but whether you should use that I can't say. Experts advise please!! Another housewife's method is to put blotting paper onto the waxy area, kitchen roll in this day and age instead if you haven't got any, then ironing to melt the wax and soak it up. You could try that. Substitute the smooth front of the handle of a dessert spoon for the iron, heat it up carefully, gas or candle (don't spill the wax!). For the ex soldiers here this was how to polish boots! The warmth might help to soften the glue on the paper, but don't let the bellows fall apart!!
  11. Matthew, How about these? 55 key New Model Lachenal Maccann no 805. I couldn't upload any more! I could take some better ones without the sofa!
  12. I know you are the wrong side of the pond to make the above case an economical proposition. That case is just about the right size 9 3/4 x 8 x 8" for a 6 to 6 1/2" concertina. Will allow enough space for some foam and the fitting to keep the bellows closed. I have just managed to find one slightly larger to fit a 57 key Maccann. Still to fit out, but more important things to do at present
  13. See this hardcase on ebay now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-Professional-Beauty-Cosmetic-Make-Up-Skin-Hair-Case-Vanity-Storage-Box-/181586634017? Forgot to say that you can rivet on D rings at sides for attaching a shoulder strap. any competent DIYer can do this.
  14. You can also get strong plastic folding step stools,about 12" all round, very light.
  15. Chris Algar looks to have bought it, so perhaps we'll find out soon, unless it's going to go to a waiting customer.
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