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Hurdy gurdying at The George Squeeze scrape and blow

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In France the saying is, of Hurdy Gurdy players, " they spend 80% of the time tuning and 20% of the time playing out of tune". It is not far from the truth either because when I started to play it I would take 40 minutes out of my daily practice hour before I was satisfied with the tuning. This statement is, of course, not true of the 'good' players.


Now in our little group we have two H/Gurdy players (much better ones than me)... I give them a note from my Concertina and they set their strings to that, my wife tunes her Cornemuse drones and away we go... it is close to being 'in-tune'.... then in comes our Accordionist with his 1930's box which has three banks of reeds. One bank is modern standard pitch, the second bank is 20 cents flat and the third bank is 40 cents flat!! The overall effect is.......................... interesting ;)


Nice Pub Kautilya!

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