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Lost/Stolen Instruments


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This thread is for brief notices of lost/stolen instrument reports we have heard about. In many cases, we do not have photos or other information. Where possible we will highlight the name of a forum member or link to a forum thread having more details.


To keep this thread short so folks checking on an instrument will read through all of it, we will keep it pinned and closed. Let one of the admins know if a notice should be added. Of course, you may start a regular forum thread to discuss or help with any of these cases in detail.


Right now is a good time to take some photos of your instrument(s) and store them in several places, as Irene suggests below.


Ken, on behalf of C.net

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Here are previous notices from the C.net home page. If you have information to add, write me off forum. Thanks.





  • From Chris Timson, 7 Dec. 2009: A friend of mine has just phoned me and asked me if I would pass on details of his stolen concertina. His name is Richard Harris and he lives in Bradford on Avon. The concertina was stolen from his home along with two melodeons, so it sounds as if the thieves were musically clued up. The concertina is a Jeffries metal ended anglo, 32 button Bb/F in old pitch and is Richard's pride and joy, so he is naturally quite distressed by its loss.
  • From Ralph Jordan, 31 Oct. 2009: Lost or Stolen 17 October 2009 in Sheffield UK.:48 key Wheatstone English, Serial Number 9199. Contacts: Sylviane 0775 7243960. sylviane.bartowlak AT ntlworld.com Or Sheffield Police.
  • From Shay Fogarty (SeascaShay on forum): A Lachenal 32 key C/G anglo concertina, metal ends, bone buttons, was stolen from a music shop at the Fleadh Ceoil in Tullamore Co. Offaly on 22 August 2009. The number is 183596 which is on a paper between the D/E and B/C buttons on the inside row. It is in the style of those made for the Salvation Army with full metal ends and mahogony tops. If you hear of any such sale please contact me in confidence. Recovered 2-1/2 years and a continent away thanks to a diligent pawn shop owner who spotted this notice!
  • From Paul Jutkiewicz (Southampton, UK): I had my concertina stolen in Dublin (15 February 2008) along with a set of Northumbrian pipes. The concertina was a Dipper Anglo, 32 metal buttons and metal ends plus one or two modifications to the accidentals.
  • Stolen on Thursday 11th march, from a van outside the Whitmore Arms public house, Orsett, Essex, UK. Wheatstone Tenor Treble with raised ebony ends, serial no. 29103. If you have any information please contact Roy Nicholls on +44 (0)1621 859446.
  • Nov. 6, 2003: Michael Rooney from Monaghan, living in Dublin, has had his Suttner stolen in Galway. The serial number is 131, which is on the side of the concertina. It has metal ends, 30 keys and ebony trim. If anyone hears of a concertina of this description being sold, call Aonghus Rooney on 087-6409105 or call Michael on 086-1755329.
  • Please look out for two concertinas stolen from the Music Room, Oxford, UK, branch 23 July 2003. These instruments are brand new, one English treble and one English baritone model, made by Morse of the USA. The serial numbers are 137 and 138. The Music Room is sole British agent for these instruments, so please inform us at +44 (0)1274 879768, or at info AT the-music-room.com if you see one of these instruments for sale anywhere else. We will then pass on your information to the police, who have of course been alerted. We know that the concertina fraternity is a close-knit group, and we would be grateful if you could pass the word to all players to keep an eye out for these instruments.
  • From Simon Thoumire: "My 56 key Wheatstone tenor treble Aeola (metal ends) was stolen on Sunday 21st January from the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The serial no. has fallen off the left side but it is recognisable from the big thumbstraps that are hanging loose from the side and also sweat has tarnished the nickel plate on both sides. Another feature which will tell it apart from any other is that the top 'C' on the right side is an air button. It is the only instrument I have ever played and I miss it badly."
  • From Hugh Healy: "My concertina was stolen at the Willie Clancy School this summer (1999). It was a Wheatstone Anglo, Metal end, No 29481, 30 key, 5 fold bellows in C and G pitch. My address was marked in several places on it." -- Contact david.evans AT pc.aerotech.ie if you have any information.
  • Don Nichols' stolen concertinas registry

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Advice from Irene S:


Since Ralphie asked the link to the Stolen Instrument Gallery on Facebook is



It's probable that it will only allow you access if you are already a member of Facebook, but as far as I'm aware it always prompts you to join if you aren't already signed up. As Ralphie said, it's a worthwhile group to join. And while we're on the subject of photos, make sure you back them up in several places. No good having just one photo on your laptop if it's going to die on you

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From musicalfrawley:




Stolen Lachaneal Concertina serial 158398 Someone stole my Concertina in the Radisson Hotel, Galway 30/08/10



Hello Guys of C.net ,

I joined yesterday in the hope that someone, somewhere will help locate my Concertina.


It was Stolen from the Radisson Blu in Galway city on Monday Evening (30/08/10)


Please Help me locate it,


Heres a video of me playing it with some of my mates from College.



My number is 00353876156629


See thread here

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From Bruce McCaskey on behalf of a friend of his.




I received an email this morning from David Jones, a concertina playing friend in Seattle, regarding the recent theft of his Morse Anglo Concertina. His words follow:


"Last week someone broke into my boat, moored under cover at Seattle Yacht Club. The boat was recovered a few days later, having been stripped of everything pawnable, and MY CONCERTINA! It is my Morse, which was not covered by insurance.


It was purchased in 2005, serial # 346. It is a bit unusual, being black, while most of his anglos are natural. Also, the first two buttons in the R-hand accidental row are C#/C#, and C#/D#."



I've suggested that David monitor the local Craig's List and also run a ad in the Seattle paper in the musical instrument section of the classifieds as "Concertina wanted: taking lessons and looking for a 30-button, must be in working condition" on the off-chance...


Would you add the basic description to the lost and stolen list in the forum? List me as the contact point (bruce AT angloplayer.com) and I'll pass the word to David.

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From David (dwhthompson):


Lost, possibly in a London taxi, a 1960's Wheatstone - Black - Metal Ended Tenor English - 48 keys - C below middle to F four up. The top Eb on left doesn't speak on draw very well and the D# also left side an octave below warbles on draw.

Lost between Pimlico and Clapham on Saturday 26th around 7:30 PM ... most likely in taxi from Clapham South.


See this thread:


On the photos the serial number is 36628

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From C.net member finola.h:


My Irish Dancemaster accordion was stolen in the St Henri area of Montreal on 18 March 2013, after which I did report it to the police and posted on a few websites and forums. Just thought of posting further now, as I shop for a replacement, in the faint hope of its eventual recovery. 21-button C#/D, blue celluloid, Binci reeds dry-tuned, in black hard case (flight-case style) with aluminium trim. Has Velcro strips for a bar microphone fitted on the treble grille. Please contact finola.hackett@gmail.com with any information. Thanks! Cheers,Finola



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From C.net member Caroline Regan:



STOLEN WHEATSTONE CONCERTINA! My concertina was stolen from the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood on Sunday 15th December. It is a Wheatstone, 40 key anglo concertina with 7-fold black bellows and silver metal ends (serial number 24103). Please if you see or hear of anyone trying to sell one, or anything on gumtree, eBay or in cash converters, please get in touch. Also if you could share this post, thank you! Caroline Regan

Email- caz4regan@hotmail.com



See this thread

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Was cleaning up old files and realized I never posted this one here - apologies



In case you haven't seen this yet (from the Traditional Tunes listserv):

Chris J Brady chrisjbrady@yahoo.com
9:03 AM (50 minutes ago) [31 May 2012]
to Trad, Trad, EFDSS

Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 00:11:16 +1200
From: "Paul Howarth" <paul.how@orcon.net.nz>
To: nz-folk@kiwifolk.com
Subject: [Nz-folk] Stolen English Concertina

Hello all,

Stolen English Concertina.

Got burgled on thursday and lost the following,

56 key Wheatstone English Concertina or 'Aeola'

8 sided black frame and bellows, metal sides & buttons.

Was in a rather tatty old box with a 'Dr Jazz ? our music is better than
it sounds' sticker.

It has various other identifying marks, if you think you may have spotted
it contact me.

Don't have a picture of it [...]

Should you encounter anyone trying to sell you this please let me, and or
the police, know, any help you can give with recovering this will be
greatly appreciated.

Paul Howarth
Ph 021 379 378
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From a notice posted in this thread by John Dexter:




On Dec. 26, 2017, at around 11 PM, my concertina was stolen while I was on the NYC Subway. It is a lovely Jeffries 38 button C-G. The bellows are original and, as such, are a little leaky. The bellows have the the gold papers attached. SUBSTANTIAL REWARD OFFERED! Contact me at John Dexter, dexvla@aol.com, 917-405-4227.
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Posted on the SI-Talk Yahoo Group (used by participants in the U.S. Northeast Squeeze in - not sure if the general public can see it) by Angela DeCarlis, 6th of July 2019:

"Sad to report that my English Concertina was stolen at the festival I'm at in Bethel, Vermont.
"Please keep an eye out on eBay, Craigslist, etc for the instrument seen and described in the email below from Doug at the Button Box. Noteworthy details include the small amount of damage in the woodwork of the right-hand grill.
"I'll update the group if the instrument is recovered here at the festival, though I'm not especially optimistic.
"Thanks everyone,
[from Doug Creighton; evidently this instrument has no serial number]:

- 6-sided, rosewood ends with fancy fretwork

- 6-1/4” across the face (flat side to opposite flat side)

- 48 metal buttons (24 each side)

- black leather thumb straps

- labelled “C. Wheatstone & Co.”

- 5-fold, black leather bellows with decorative papers

- with molded plastic pelican case, labelled “The Button Box” and with a teal canvas shoulder strap


Edited to add:

Angela reports that this is a treble-range concertina, and sent me the attached photos.

Further edit:

I've filed a formal police report. The contact person on the case with the
Vermont State Police is Mark Harvey. He can be reached at
mark dot harvey at vermont dot gov and has given permission to distribute his email
address along with the information regarding my stolen information.

Also, Angela agreed to have her email posted here if you have any information: aedecarlis at gmail dot com .





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Posted by Jim Lucas


From my friend Rickard, in Stockholm:


Something horrible happend last saturday, I lost my bag with my two
favorite concertinas on Underground Stockholm.
My Whetstone G/D 30735 and my Crabb made Ball and Beavon C/G.
I have reported this to police and to the Underground section for lost
things, havn't heard anything yet.


Of course, we want everyone everywhere to be alert for anyone trying to sell something which fits the description, even though the likelihood of them being simply tranported out of Sweden during the current restrictions is remote.


I gather these are anglo system instruments. If we get other details (number of buttons, appearance/finish) I'll add the info here.

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