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    Repair and care of concertinas for the 3 concertina players in the house. Flute playing. Also tinkering with button accordions and lever harps.
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    Madison, WI (previously Chicago, IL)

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  1. I can't claim expertise on this topic, but I have spent enough time tweaking reeds on enough instruments that I may be able to add something.. Clarification questions: is this english, anglo, hybrid, etc? Valves: The no valves thing raises a red flag in my mind. If other reeds behaving well at similar pitch are valved, but the opposing reeds on the inefficient buttons are not valved, that could be a factor. My understanding (and would love for others to fill me in if this is an incomplete understanding) is that the highest reeds don't need valves because they are unlike
  2. Hi All, I think this is a fascinating topic. I assumed the levers on Lachenal's were round rod/wire stock bent to form the correct kinked profile and then press or rolled. I imagine this flattening gave better stiffness in the direction of action, but perhaps work hardened the metal some as well? It would be interesting to know what equipment has been preserved by Wheatstone from the Lachenal acquisition. I'd be curious if anyone knows more about the process or the rationale. I know the levers can also be replaced with riveted action constructed de novo, but it is inter
  3. Hello Paul, I am curious what the person you have lined up will be using, i.e. CNC or laser? What file format would they require? I have not done this, but I have pondered it some. I imagine that a good photo (would need to take care to correct for distortion or possibly use a flatbed scanner) could be processed with thresh-holding to get the pattern as a jpg/png/bmp format. It might then be possible to convert this to paths or SVG and eventually to a CAD format required. I would be moderately concerned that depending on the way this is done (image processing and physic
  4. Thank you Geoff! This information is a valuable resource and I'm so glad you decided to make it available. As one in possession of two instruments form the first page, it is fun to have an idea of where they fall in the history of this great family of concertinas. There are some very interesting notes that you have included. Any idea why the numbering started with 8071? I am not at all surprised they start at a high number, but one wonders if it was an arbitrary number, or had some meaning. It is curious that the stamped numbers were not used consistently for resol
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