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Does anyone specialize in making ergonomic handles?


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On 2/7/2023 at 8:37 AM, daviseri said:

Wondering if i could have some made.  Is that possible to do without being there in person?

I play a 57 button wheatstone crane duet.


Do you have a design?

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I would be interested in getting some ideas for ergonomic handles.  I suspect it depends very much on what your hand issue is. 


In my own case it seems that pressure on the outer edge of the thumb when I push the bellows in causes the arthritis in my thumb joint to flare up.  I am thinking of making some handles that are higher and wider so that I can close the bellows with the base of my palm raher than my thumb.  I am also wondering if I should slope the height of the handle one way or the other.  I am not sure which way - probably the thumb end should be higher?


Any thoughts?


Making new handles does not look too difficult if you have some wood-working tools.

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5 hours ago, Theo said:

Some examples from John Dipper of handles supplied with his anglos



Thanks Theo.  I think that I will try to make something similar to the second set of Dolphin ergonomic handles (the black ones) but with a skinnied down bit where the thumb lies.


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