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  1. Hi Tim. Bit confused, how much are you asking for this instrument please, posted to UK?
  2. No he didn’t say it was in tune, he said buttons sound a note each way. Probably isn’t a player and wouldn’t have known anyway. I play stringed Instruments and it would be expected not to be in tune, but it should have said as a lot do.... “not a player, not known if it is in tune! That would be acceptable! Anyway half expected it TBH! Musicians normally follow a silent code of honour!
  3. Thanks for your help. I have received the concertina today, first look at it is promising. The right hand fascia has got a long crack in it (cosmetic I think- I have seen similar on a Latchenal before). The instrument is way out of tune. Both these issues were not mentioned on EBay and it will cost me a retune? The seller argues that all he said was thar all buttons make a sound both ways, and what do I expect from such an old instrument? That was easy...honesty? Pursue him through the relevant channels now. i am not a player yet, but found a few buttons in tune!
  4. 1870 wow that old maybe? Haven’t received it yet, hopefully it will be up to scratch! Thanks so far!
  5. Hi. Just bid for a concertina successfully, new to the instrument and just wondered if anyone can tell me about it....history, value etc? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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