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  1. Hi Ciaran. Have you looked at my advert for a Lachenal 48k Tutor? Model (c1906) on the site. I would be willing to discus the price. Regards Bazza12
  2. This box has now been sold elsewhere!
  3. Bazza12


    Definitely an English, but relatively small number of buttons. The "normal" Englsh" has 48 buttons.
  4. Disappointed that nobody interested in making an offer.
  5. Hi Chris. If you want a box for it, I have put a restored one for sale, on the forum. Regards, Bazza12
  6. No 1. 58176. Mahogany/rosewood?(polished dark stained ends-now). Bone buttons. Brass reeds. 5 fold bellows. No 2. 35035. Mahogany/rosewood? Ends (being repolished). Bone buttons (bushed through ends). Mainly brass reeds (a few steel ones being replaced). 5 fold bellows Ex Salvation Army (still has bracket on end for music attachment). Standard 6 1/4" size. Sorry no photos available.
  7. Thanks JimR. I was hoping that Dowright would pick up my post. I did not know I could post direct to him.
  8. Hi all. Not new, but the old story of dating 48key concertinas. No.1 Lachenal (restored) no. 45815 (according to label on baffle cloth). Rosewood? flat ends (very dark stain). Bone buttons. Brass reeds in brass frames. Originally 4 fold card bellows, now 5 fold new. No.2 Lachenal no.53176. Identical to no.1. Original 5 fold bellows. Damaged slightly. No.3 No name label, as no baffle cloths, but looks similar to nos 1 & 2. No.35035. Rosewood? flat ends (very dark stain) Bone buttons, but bushed through ends. Ex Salvation Army instrument, still has music stand bracket on. Mix of steel and brass reeds in brass frames. 5 fold bellows. Nos 2&3 to be restored eventually. Sorry, but can not seem to load photo on this mobile. Any ideas please. Thanks.
  9. Hi. pics of restored box as promised. (Hard to do, when you are not a computer geek). Regards, Bazz12
  10. Hi. I have used a 22/25mm wide brown leather strap, cut to length (allowing for the turns under the lid) with the ends scrived down to allow them to be glued to the lid. As to the lining, I used 1mm thk acrylic felt glued with ordinary "white school" glue, which dries clear. Will try to attach photos of finished box later. I used a wood filler for the hinge screw problem, pilot drilled after drying for 24 hrs, in order to fit new brass screws.
  11. Thanks Dave. As I said, after my own closer investigation. Regards Bazza12
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