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  1. Origin A Bushmills acquaintance suggests: Varietal of Bushmills whiskey frequently referred to as "Black" Bush but > never heard any reference to "Old" Bush. Old Bushmills, of course, but > Old Bush, never. > > It could of course refer to the River Bush as in a fond endearing manner. > > But more probable it refers to just an old bush (small tree) someone was > enamoured with. It happens in the remoter places and is still legal in > parts of Sligo. Of course I don't know for sure personally but friends of > friends have led me to believe. > > I would say if you found the words to the tune you might have a clue. > > P.S. the River Bush (well, on its banks) was where one of Irelands > greatest renowned bards / poets Amergin lived. So to avoid title > ambiguity (or enhance it) the tune could be recalled "Amergin's Fancy" and > those in the know would understand that referred to the aul bards > favourite tipple - Old Bush. > > I'm sure that all helps. end of comment > >
  2. Perhaps Marylin was a secret tina player! HXmas Geoff.(High res to yr pmail) Oh dear - uploading little 92jpg unlikes.... Given up after 6 reductions and attempts - may try tomorrow (Unless u can get it to upload Geoff - reverse Xmas present to yourself!)
  3. heard this at 0500 insomniacally and I was surprised to find out much later it was an accordion as I was sure from the tone it was a tina and they had got the nomenclature wrong. Anyway, tho am not overstruck by the melody, it shows how you can start with a v simple tune and work it up into quite a large piece (15 mins)and I dont see why the same principle should not work for a concertina. The tone and the way it was played, as I said, does not sound like an accordion to me. I supppose the piano could be replaced by summat else. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p3n45 AT VERY END of Through the Night 0545 composer is Huggett Andrew Huggett Canadian folk-song suite for accordion and piano
  4. it was a great weekend, over £200 in the bucket for the RBRB ( exact total to be verified ), the weather stayed mainly bright and dry and the woollies kept the cold out. There's a rumour that next year one of the competitions will be 'Guess how many layers of clothes the concertina player is wearing' The Carols/ tunes that had people singing / humming along most and stopping to listen were ...... Adeste Fidelis, Silent Night, God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen, Away in a manger, The Holly and the Ivy, Once in Royal David's City, Good King Wenceslas, The First Noel, We three kings of Orient are, In Dulce Jubilo, The 12 days of Christmas, Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly, I saw 3 ships, Coventry Carol, How much is that doggy in the window, After the ball is over, I do like to be beside the seaside, Down at the old Bull and Bush, Daisy Daisy, In the shade of the old Apple tree, Plaisir d'Amour, The Bluebell Polka and the Trumpet Hornpipe. There was also a request for O come O come Emmanuel. Various waltzes, mazurkas and country dance tunes got the children ( and some adults ) skipping and dancing past. Mugs of tea and glasses of sherry were supplied by a friendly landlord, a cafe served up a helping of Shepherds pie for lunch each day and transport there and back was provided by the organisers .... I'm booked again for next year Great and tks for the playlist - there's a few there I will add to my list of words to hand out!
  5. And it looked like one was being played in the war film on TV today during escape to distract the guard. Playing a nift Scottish toon. Dirk Bogarde - IMDb Sir Dirk Bogarde, The Password Is Courage Sergant-Major Charles Coward. It's on again Dec 14 12.40 on Film4 freeview UK. BTW Geoff (Crabb)- I got the photos of the front of the Shop in Lpool Road t'other night but no time to process yet - for xmas!!Promise
  6. Jack - does that mean you have been and come and gone?? - wot a pity was looking forward to seeing u both again since Whitby and checking out the Hood and running you both over there in the car....anyway tks for confirming I should try to go over - they did have some pretty interesting Burns/New Yr bashes at different pubs last year.
  7. Ta v much - I must try to make it. I'll bring rum, you sort out the bust ious stuff. If I remember rightly from a Kirkpatrick similar bash at Xmas 3yrs ago, one could bring a picnic and dwinkies and sit on the wooden wall seat which runs right around the main hall?? (And one sometimes discreetly did a concomitant squeeze or too from box sitting in plastic shopping bag - he and Kpatrick family also had a few small breaks...... )
  8. V good Geoff ! - keep up the squeezing and playing the toons: the brain is pretty clever at working round blockages and creating new routes for the same thing. This ain't new -- my old Classics prof had a bad stroke in the 90s and he copied Demosthenes who put stones in his mouth to get his diction back -- my prof ended up not only speaking again without obvious difficulty but also driving. And while we are on the Greek, one forgives Dave for his dropping the 'a' in ischaemic etc -- they can't help it over there!!LoL Did you know too that the US preventative way of protecting the Royal Wooof blood is now to invoke Queen Liz II who was coronated (Yeah -- honest!!) in 1953 but is still going strong and stroke free. :rolleyes: It does get to me, the old rat poison
  9. \ Which....event plse? ttp://www.efdss.org/index/searchsite/
  10. yes - v recommendable! Interestin'ly just finished watching profile of authoress Jeanette Winterson and they put Katherine Ferrier in it singing What is life without thee and followed naturally to Art thou troubled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXdv_PcqBBI Great candidates for some of our extended range tina players........wherefore are thou? (please). I know someone who is looking for someone to play tina bass accompaniment to both; an octave down......
  11. No - it was not Chris - that was my asking Chris if he knew what had gone on - saw him tonight at the George. I was quite surprised to hear what happened -= a great pity for you.
  12. To keep singing it for 300years will need several generations - and they are already 12 years late starting!!! These Kent peasants! - they have not even realised yet, that that speeding thing through the fields every 20 minutes is the latest Iron Horse running on 24hour Uro time! double rolleyes :rolleyes:
  13. Contact our San Diego concertina players. They will be able to play it and see what needs doing. They might even buy it. search here for San Diego gohere http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14889
  14. The landslide (very unclear location as so badly shot for the TV news) seemed to be above the commercial boatyard and below the houses, heading up to the Abbey, on the opposite side to you as it were. Hope so Let us know u are safe and if so maybe u need to write a song and a toon about the Great Whitby Mudslide.
  15. Here are the words for two French peasant songs (kindly jotted down by Caroline for folk to join in when she and Chris sing them perhaps at the Mon Dec 3 2012 session at the The George Inn from 2000 to 2300. One is the Tant que j'avais des noisettes song. She thinks there are more verses and variants and indeed,in the notes below there is a slightly longer version) The other tune is Derrière chez nous, il est une montagne I will print out a few copies for the punters but would be nice if you could print your own bits from the attached file - I am runnning out of Non=Epson ink......... Dec32012thegeorgefrenchsongsscorelyricsNoisettesMontagneHorlogedeGrandmereMonperemari.doc Dec32012thegeorgefrenchsongsscorelyricsNoisettesMontagneHorlogedeGrandmereMonperemari.doc
  16. My aspiration! Sending link immediately to 70+ flautist neighbour who is in bed with aftermath of spending a day walking through the rains on the South Downs last week - to cheer him up!And encourage him to join sessions without the dots........ Tks!
  17. Hmmm... Cair Paravel is a fictional place in CSLewis Narnia books - perhaps that was the name OK there was a 70s group called Cair Paravel ... recordings v. raw Not much info here ... Looks like they made a record, but it seems to be an extremely expensive collector's item now. You might check with the chiff and fipple people, and the loving mudcat mafia really know some useful stuff. I am basing above onthis which may be completely wrong
  18. *Splutters* Shall I get thee a glass of water... quick?
  19. Kautilya


    I had not thught there was anything doubtful -- it is just the prices are out of my league. It is a pity that we never hear him playing any of these instruments as a few notes on a video tells a story better than a thousand words. I think he is probably not a musician just a re-seller/online shopkeeper.
  20. Wha Wadna Fight For Charlie? You know I don't understand most of this but is this Key of EDorian of any help; or maybe it is just for the original as opposed to Minasi's arrangement. It has feisty lyrics. I'm going mad trying to track down a copy of these song lyrics.. can anyone help? Post - Top - Home - Printer Friendly - Translate Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: WHA WADNA FIGHT FOR CHARLIE? From: Bruce O. Date: 25 Jun 98 - 02:27 PM [From Hogg's 'Jacobite Relics', II, 1821] Wha wadna fight for Charlie. Wha wadna fight for Charlie? Wha wadna draw the sword? Wha wadna up and rally, At their royal prince's word? Think on Scotia's ancient heroes, Think on foreign foes repell'd, Think on glorius Bruce and Wallace, Wha the proud usurpers quell'd. Wha wadna, &c. Rouse, rouse, ye kilted warriors! Rouse ye heroes of the north! Rouse, and join your chieftan's banners, 'Tis your prince that leads you forth! Wha wadna, &c. Shall we basely crouch to tyrants? Shall we own a foreigh sway? Shall a royal Stuart be banish'd, While a stranger rules the day? Wha wadna, &c. See the northern clans advancing! See Glengary and Lochiel! See the brandish'd broad swords glancing! Highland hearts are true as steel. Wha wadna, &c. Now our prince has rear'd his banner; Now triumphant is our cause; Now the Scottish lion rallies; Let us strike for prince and laws. X:1 T:Wha wadna fight for Charlie. T:[Tune: Will you go an' marry Katie] S:Hogg's Jacobite Relics Q:40 L:1/4 M:2/4 K:Edorian DD3/4 D/4|F3/4 E/4 F/ A/|DD3/4 G/4|F/ A/E|\ DD3/4 D/4|F3/4 E/4 F/ A/|B/ d/ A/ d/|F/ d/ E||\ F/ A/ A/ (B/4c/4)|d3/4 A/4 B/ A/| F/ A/ A/ (B/4c/4)|\ d3/4 F/4 E|F/ A/ A/ (B/4c/4)|d3/4 A/4 B/ A/|B/ d/ A/ d/|\ F/ d/ E|] http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=5483 Now that you have kindly said you will group em all in one big file at the end, I am expectantly waiting for that. Be good if the seasonal ones (e.g.Auld lang syne also come with a click ready midi -- tho I think I know how that one goes!!)so one can peddle them about over the holiday. quote name='tallship' timestamp='1353866286' post='141676'] I've edited that to the key of G Chuck, many thanks! X:51 T:Wha Wadna Fight For Charlie C:arr. Carlo Minasi M:C L:1/8 B:Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies B:Arranged for the Concertina by Carlo Minasi Q:"Allegretto "1/4=140 Z:Peter Dunk 2012 K:G !mf![G2D2B,2](G>A) (B>A) (B<d)|[G2D2B,2](G>c) (B>d) [A2F2D2]|\ [G2D2B,2](G>A) (B>A) (B<d)|\ ([ec]>g) ([dB]<g) ([bG]>g) H[A2F2D2]|| % ([bG][dB])([dB][ec]) ([gB][dB])([ec][dB])|\ ([bG][dB]) ([dB][e/c/]f/) ([gB]> [A2F2D2]|\ ([bG][dB])([dB][ec]) ([gB]>[dB]) ([ec][dB])|\ ([ec]>g) ([dB]>g) ([bG]<g) [A2F2D2]| % [G2D2B,2](G>A) (B>A) (B<d)|[G2D2B,2](G>c) (B>d) [A2F2D2]|\ [G2D2B,2](G>A) (B>A) (B<d)|\ ([ec]>g) ([dB]<g) ([bG]>g) H[A2F2D2]||
  21. Kautilya


    No. This smacks of Mornington Crescent where there are no rules and if you do something which is not to the liking of those who say there are no rules then they get all up tight saying you are not playing in the spirit of the rules, which they have set by not setting the rules!!!! That said, it is a good opportunity to put into practice the practice of taking a screeen shot of the item under non-discussion (not that it has been revealed!)so that next time someone comes up with a Malice in Blunderland© word you can go Hey Hey that's that photo...again. PS Am I to understand this is one of the 'modern' Wheatstones? Cnetgandpawheatstoneeaeola251112ebaypic.doc
  22. Wunderbar!! This is deffo an occasion for drinks all round!! We can all come and serenade you in congratulation - just let us know where you will be buying the drinks! ps It also sounds as tho you are stealing Dirge's clothes - he will have to look to his laurels and defend his dignity, rather than lying about in his grass skirt on a summer Hobbit beach down under tippling on Ent beer.
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