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  1. More information - the music was written by Philip Green, a well know TV and film producer, and he used local tunes etc in the composition for the film https://ipswichmaritimetrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Newsletter-28-Jan-2015.pdf
  2. You'll find your answer in these comments by Cyril Tawney 🙂 It was indeed Alf Edwards https://mainlynorfolk.info/cyril.tawney/songs/theballadofsammysbar.html
  3. I was about to make the suggestion that the autograph was a more florid/flamboyant version of the signature inside the instrument... very similar features such as slant of the writing, various loops etc. but see that it has already been suggested. ?
  4. I'm pretty sure the answer to that one is No, Al. I got to the end of it, and rather wished that I had spent the whole session there rather than at the song session! But didn't see anyone else recording anything. I could be mistaken, of course.
  5. Al, I scoured the Various reader's submitted tapes for Duet players several years ago, and there are certainly about 4 on there of Jean playing - I am not, however, aware of any with a lot of laughter on them, so I suspect the answer is it is not on the ICA selection.
  6. Having been brought into the fold of Maccann players by the splendid Ralph Jordan,Maccann player extraordinaire, and studio engineer and studio manager equally extraordinaire for the BBC, I was educated to understand that sound qualities of mp3 recordings are not as good as CD quality. I rarely purchase mp3 recordings online = CDs every time for me.
  7. He's around ... generally just not posting. As far as I am aware he is aware of this thread by the way.
  8. I have to admit that I have no idea what pandora is! I may have to go away and look it up. As to mp3s, having fallen into friendship and musical partnership with an experienced "audio butler" who professed to have good ears, I was taught that CD recordings were preferable as they avoided the inevitable compression that was a part of the mp3 process (and I immediately add that I have never done any comparison to enable me to judge the veracity or otherwise of that view). Personally I prefer the physical feel of a CD, the sleeve notes which I can contemplate while listening etc. Interestingly enough, of course, vinyl has now started to become popular again, so even the younger generation are starting to turn their backs on the digital formats, it would seem. Reverting to your comments on music theory, I can't pretend to be fully educated in that area, but certainly was studying theory up until mid teens, thence turning to choral singing, and have a strong background in sight reading to a high standard. I have no doubt that my wide experience of choral singing at a high level and exposure to many different types of choral music has been a benefit in my appreciation of my other musical exploits. Now if I could only play what I hear in my head on the Maccann ... LOL
  9. Thanks for all of that ... I was going on information which I had been fed (and also possession of the CD "Fiolin Min" , with Benny Andersson and Orsa Spelman recording) and am now annoyed with myself for not doing sufficient background research ... LOL. Happy to be corrected on that, of course! Edit I went away and googled a bit more, and yes, one of the most popular folktunes in Sweden apparently. The Session web page for once does not try to suggest that it is an Irish tune (which must be a first). One contributor six years ago stated the following: " The tune is from the playing of Ärtbergs-Kalle (1826–1917) from Ärtberget, which lies south of Äppelbo. " How authoritative that is I know not! ?
  10. Re the matter of sharing files online, or digitising cassette tapes ... fine as far as it goes. However, I would still like to see an actual CD - stuff online is OK up to a point, but it's not generally the way that I choose to listen to music personally. There are so many issues to be considered with putting stuff online - copyright, individual rights etc etc ... and of course the quality of such. Shouldn't be posting stuff up by people who have passed on, or indeed recordings that are not your own, either, as copyright laws persist for quite a number of years after recordings are made (and vary from one country to another). People already do put stuff online here, and there have been duet recordings from the likes of Dirge (David Gardiner) with his classical recordings in the past, for instance. Is there really any need to create a special Duet page? And if so, why not Anglo, or English as well ? I think that a special page may be carrying things a little too far in a bit of a knee jerk reaction ? ? Personally I still wonder if there is scope to arrange some crowdfunding to get a recording issued , but perhaps with a little less in the way of booklet etc etc and such overhead costs (for instance the additional information could be placed on a specific website with link details provided with the CD - something which was suggested to me about the idea of producing a CD on my research topic) . And of course in the years that have passed since the original recordings were submitted other duet players like Hazel Askew, or Matt Quinn have come onto the scene, so scope exists for newer recordings. And I am aware of other duet players such as Rob Neal for instance . These are not intended as any specific (or even, indeed, cogent ) thoughts - just musings. ?
  11. Hmm ... Al, I think you had better get your pen and paper ready to write some lines out for the teacher (private joke) Quite a few mis-spellings in that list! For Ralphie Jordon, read Ralphie (or rather Ralph) Jordan For Silvia Needham, read Sylvia Needham Re Gilbert Carriere, sadly I think his website is no longer to be found (I seem to remember listening to some of those online quite a few years ago, then looking for them, and finding them gone! ? ) Gavin and Julie are Gavin and Julie Atkin For Mike Hibbert - read Mike Hebbert As for the rest, for all I know they are OK ? ?
  12. Further to my earlier post of a video of Michael Hebbert playing in the churchyard in Limehouse in London, herewith another video of him with his duo partner Christine Dyer (duo name is Limehouse Cut) playing various Scandinavian tunes on Jeffries Duet and nyckelharpa, inside the church this time. (Just out of interest the first tune played is that has been recorded by Benny Andersson and Orsa Spelman in the past)
  13. Have spoken to Al, who has lost his password on Cnet apparently. To precis what he said, he had spent two years "putting Duet International together, sent all the recordings to Graham, and that is where they stayed." ... Any requests to re record were not his decision but Graham's on the whole. The actual matter of recording would involve a heavy outlay, and Amazon would take a cut of sales. I get the impression from what he has said that the opinion may have been that the Duet International recording costs would not be covered by sales, which was the main reason for things not going ahead. I personally am still very disappointed by this, as I know there were some interesting recordings in there ... I suppose we can still hope but after all this time ...... Al has said that when he retrieves access to the members' part of the site he will respond,
  14. While looking for something else on Youtube I stumbled against this video from Michael Hebbert, "busking" in a churchyard in London. From the number of views it certainly doesn't look as though it has been posted up on here before ... definitely something which should be shared and seen in my view. ?
  15. For brilliant duet playing on a Jeffries ... try Michael Hebbert
  16. Oh dear - poor Al has been tearing his hair out about this project for several years now, having put in a lot of legwork and wheedled out a large number of (to me) exciting recordings which were submitted to Graham. To the best of my knowledge when I last spoke to him about it he had had no postive contact from Graham at all. Ralphie Jordan submitted four recordings, but in the end released his own solo CD rather than wait. Those four were in fact on his CD "Eloise", but are not the recordings that he submitted as he worked further on them afterwards. I think I've given up hope of hearing them all .. would be particularly interested in hearing people like Maurice Harvey etc. Dee, if you check out the International Concertina Association website you will find that there are some duet recordings on the Sound pages ... Jean Megly is well worth a listen ... link is at http://www.concertina.org/sound-archive/son-of-readers-tapes/ Do check out some of the other recordings on there, as you will find other duet players amongst the various performers listed.
  17. I have this problem, and like Ken Coles, know perfectly what causes it in my case - tinnitus. I have a constant high pitched ringing in my right ear, which most of the time I tune out, except when it is very quiet. For years I had noticed that high pitched noises caused distortion and pain. WHen the tinnitus was investigated, the consultant told me that he also suffered and that I might notice "some distortion with high pitched sounds" ... and there was the cause. When I play my duet I notice after I have finished that I have more obvious ringing in the ears, which later settles down. I think you should get it checked out by your doctor. Good luck.
  18. Brian Peters will be our guest at the Music Institute Folk Club in Guildford, Surrey this Friday 9th February 2018. It occurs to me that it may interest some members of this group. The Club meets at the Guildford Institute in Ward Street, Guildford, Surrey, postcode GU1 4LH. Doors open at 7.30, and music commences at 8pm. Tickets for the evening cost £9 (£8 for members and can be obtained from We Got Tickets http://www.wegottickets.com/location/1161 Hoping to see some of you there. Edit: Apologies for the rather rubbish typing of the subject title of this post!
  19. So sorry to have missed you this year Jody - even though you ended up at Byfleet , not that far from here, twas not to be. Glad it went so well, and I shall just have to keep my fingers crossed that I get to see you again next year :-)
  20. Which of the tunes were you actually after Vin? Bart de Cock, a friend of Ralphie's constructed that video from a selection of pieces that were played by Ralphie, mostly from his CD "Eloise" and gleaned a number of the photographs from Facebook friends (mostly - and quite a few of them are ones that I took ). As Mitch correctly said the first tune is Tommy Reilly's Tradewind Hornpipe ... The second tune is actually a live recording of one which was composed by Ralph - known originally as Ralph's Number One tune, played with Jo Freya and Fi Fraser at a Farnham Folk Day but later, with some slight modifications, the tune was given the name "Fairlop", which was a tune used by a Molly Dancing side known as Paddington Pandemonic Express, for whom he played. Third tune - The Obvious Jig, written by Nigel Chippindale, who Ralphie used to play with in the band Eric;Fourth tune ; Ralph's recreatioin of "Hopscotch" by Alexander Prince (with Gareth Kiddier accompanying on piano); then finishing the video off, "Wals Por Polle" by Wim Poesen; Feeling quite wistful after watching and listening to that again. It seems impossible that it is now three and a half years or more since Ralphie died. I was only just now noodling on the concertina which he somehow dragooned me into buying and we went up to Liverpool together to collect. As Blue Eyed Sailor said, it's a lovely little video. Bart did a really good job on it, and its good to see it popping up again as a reminder of Ralphie and his music. Thanks.
  21. 55 buttons in total. Not clear if there is an air button or not as the photographs aren't that helpfully taken!
  22. Really sad not to have been able to make it after all Jody! Hope to see you again next time you come over to the UK
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