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  1. Hi Don, could you let me know what the asking price for the three concertinas you have? Thanks. David
  2. Thanks Jim, I hope to get a look at it soon, and I will fill everybody in on it, condition and price. David
  3. Here is the photo, (I hope) Hope this helps to ID this instrument. David
  4. I only saw one picture of what I am pretty sure was the left side. The buttons were fairly visible and were arranged in four horizontal rows of five buttons, and they appear to be in the arc of a typical anglo. I will try to post the picture of it, and will be able to see it in a couple of weeks. David
  5. I saw a picture of a 40 button concertina with an anglo type handle and the buttons are arranged just like a 30 button anglo with a fourth row on top. Is it likely to be an anglo or perhaps some sort of duet? The ends are wooden and look like the fancier lachenal version. Thanks, David
  6. I saw this notice in the Sligo Champion paper and wondered if anyone knows anything of Michelle. I bet the lecture was quite interesting. "A very interesting lecture will take place on Thursday July 14th at 3pm in St. Brigid’s Hall. This will be given by Michelle O’Sullivan from Tralee, Co. Kerry who will speak to us on "The History of the Concertina". Michelle is a well known concertina player whose style has been developed from her interest in fiddle-players and fiddle music. Her style is therefore different from that of the many concertina players of her generation who have followed the Clare style of playing. She has played all over the world and has also played with and recorded with James Last as well as played with Van Morrison. She is widely regarded as a musician who has broken the traditions of her chosen instrument and her repertoire includes many tunes not normally associated with the concertina." It would be interesting to hear a sample of her playing compared to say, Mary Macnamara. I bet the lecture was quite interesting. David
  7. Well for another two months I am in the Outer Banks of NC, but then it's off to Maryland near Harpers Ferry WV. But if you are looking for someone who is any good, not me! At least not yet. David
  8. Well I have gotten a vintage concertina! it is a 20 key Lachenalk that will need the works, valves, pads etc. I have been looking at the Concertina Connection's parts list and wonder what the difference in the valves are. It lists a brown valve that is extra thin, and "allows for more harmonics". I haven't gotten my copy of the maintenance handbook yet so I've not done much more than open it up for a look. With brass reeds, do I want more harmonics? The first thing I noticed when I got this concertina was how small it seemed. The Hohner I started on seems huge now! The hard part now is the waiting for the time when I can complete the work and play it. David
  9. Henk, the information came in a note from the Concertina Connection after I sent a note to them asking about making an anglo version. It will be called the Rochelle if I remember correctly and be 30 key. Dave
  10. I had heard from the Concertina Connection that they will be introducing an anglo version of the Jackie which will be a 30 key instrument. Perhaps by late spring or this summer. Dave
  11. I find that to be a low estimate since last week at Burnhams "A Treble Concertina by C Wheatstone, London No. 26106 30 nickel buttons, plated fret cut foliate end plates, 16cms., in old decayed box Minor visible bellow repairs at corners, some wear and tear, in ok condition" went for 2629 pounds after an estimate of 4-500 pounds. I no longer have the pictures but it appeared to be in better condition. I was told all notes sounded but not much more. Other concertinas sold are listed in the "how much did it sell for" thread which I have no idea how to link to! David
  12. It is interesting to see what the prices are. Here are three that sold at auction this week. A Treble Concertina by C Wheatstone, London No. 26106 30 nickel buttons, plated fret cut foliate end plates, 16cms., in old decayed box Minor visible bellow repairs at corners, some wear and tear, in ok condition 2629 pounds A treble concertina label and no, missing, inlay fret cut hexagonal rosewood end plates, 48 nickel button keys, 16 cms., Some cracking on both end plates, bumps and scratches, some deterioration of leather 239 pounds An Edeophone by Lachenal, London No. 49233 the pierce fret cut 12 sided ebony end plates with 52 nickel buttons, wrist and thumb straps, 6 fold bellows, in original old battered case, with a treble Concertina by Lachenal, No 1385, with 48 stained Ivory buttons, four fold bellows, some neglect as seen in original hexagonal box, as seen-Bellows, bumps and scratches, minor restorable blemish on both 1434 pounds The descriptions are what the auction house used. All I know is the Wheatstone sounded all the notes but was told that some were more powerful than others. My hope of getting the wheatstone at a bargain were quickly dashed! David
  13. Hi Rhomylly, how much do you want for them? Of course, I hope that I will not need a 20 button book for long, but for now I need all the help I can get! Let me know the particulars either private email or here. Thanks David
  14. What I did was to email the seller of one of the first concertinas he won the bidding for. I got a reply back saying he had payed by paypal. I too look forward to seeing what the feedback will be. David
  15. Well I just heard from one of the sellers of a concertina that frank4983 had won on ebay and he just received his payment via paypal. So it looks like I may have jumped to a hasty conclusion. So if Frank is reading this, I apologize. Looks like there is some more competion for concertinas now. David
  16. That is what I thought. I didn't want to cast aspersions unfairly, but waht with the new registration, the bidding on every vintage instrument in sight, I must admit I had bad thoughts! Especially with some very interesting concertinas currently up for bid. Frank4983 has won at least one auction so it will be interesting to see what happens. David
  17. I was just wondering if there is a new sheriff in town. Lately every vintage concertina on Ebay is currently being won by Frank4983. Is he a new restorer, starting a concertina shop, or just a well off collector? I don't mind being outbid (well I do mind a little ) but I am sure curious. David
  18. Hello, I am curious, just what makes this concertina less than pleasing to you? It looks to be in fairly good condition. Dave
  19. Well I've gotten some advice and the concertina listed as in the key of E & B is a German made box of not great quality. So thanks for all the good advice, it looks like it's back to the Hohner for now! David
  20. Looks as though a lot of folks are up late, or early as the case may be. I am quite a beginner at the concertina so I am at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to keys etc. I have only seen this instrument in pictures and have left a message to try to confirm the key it is in. It has no makers mark or label that the seller can find yet. It is a 5-fold bellows, lighter colored wooden ends, and nicely cut fretwork. As soon as I know more, I will be sure to post the results. David
  21. I was hoping you all could help me out. There is a 30b anglo in the keys of E and B available. Is that a higher pitched instrument and would it be too weird to play along with anything else? I'm still looking for that really affordable vintage instrument. Thanks, David
  22. I have seen photos of the concertina, the action and the reed pans. The reeds look like there is no rust at all. It does look as though the support has slipped a little. I am leaning to buying it and giving a whirl. If I can, I will try to attach the photos as soon as I learn how. David
  23. I have another of those questions about a sight-unseen instrument. It is a 26 button lachenal in the following condition. The bellows are intact with no leaks. The corners show some wear. -- The buttons are all intact and the spring lever mechanism for each works fine. -- The leather for the left hand strap needs to be replaced: the one on the right is in good shape, the top strap button just needs to be refitted as its original screw hole has been stripped. -- The surface veneer on both wood ends has light hairline cracking all across the face due to the wood drying out but is intact. -- The reeds and internal baffle leathers are all in good condition. -- The ends appear to be rosewood. This brings us to the real issue: The small metal pins which hold the reed plates on either side in place have collapsed, so that the plates have sunken down into the end casings. As a result, half the notes on both sides will not sound. I haven't yet been able to get back with the seller about just what the metal pin collapse means. The price is $600 for an instrument with a serial number in the 66000 range. So, does this sound like more trouble than it would be worth? I look forward to hearing your advice. Thanks David
  24. I may be wrong, but I think a common replacement for ivory is the tagua nut. Try this site www.tagua2go.com/ Hope this helps David
  25. I second Henk, that is a great sounding tune. I have one complaint though, it certainly seems unfair that you could get so good so fast! Certainly a great endorsement of Bob Tedrow's concertinas. Well it is back to the practice chair for me. David
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