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  1. Well that only took a couple of hours. Sold !
  2. I find that I simply do not have enough time to play all my varying instruments so the Stagi needs to go. Look on eBay as I listed it today. Item number: 7390234233 Thanks, Dave
  3. Wow, what a great group of people and ideas and thoughts. As a very rank novice with the concertina I have to make my comments based on my piping and other musical experience. Regarding hoarding....ahh well when I started piping I could have bought a very inexpensive Pakistani set of highland pipes but I bought instead a new set of Hardies. I would have loved to have a full ivory mounted set of antique Hendersons such as one other band member had but you know what... excluding the poor quality Pakis no one can hear the difference in the music created with Hardies from the Hendersons at 5 times the cost. Now I do realize the pitch, tone and ease of play is critical with all instruments but like the comment about the books above, it is what is written in the books not the bindings. It is the music we are able to create with our little instruments that is most important. I have a modern Martin 0015 guitar and I will put its tone and playability against any antique Martin out there. But it isn't "collectable" ! Bottom line in my mind is the music created by new quality manufacturers is as good or better than any antique. So the price being "artificially" supported of classic instruments by collectors is irrelevant. They are simply beautiful, highly desireable and sometimes musical oddities to be cherished and if affordable collected. New quality instruments will easily fill the needs of new players like myself and should I want to dream of purchasing an old beauty it won't prevent others starting no matter how many I 'hoard'. Dave 1 Martin 0015 1 Set parlor pipes 1 Scholer G/D with a dead reed 1 Native American flute in B soon to add Stagi ( The Scholer will be relegated to my work vehicle so I can noodle during the day and heat won't hurt it.)
  4. Boy that didnt' take long. But I am not surprised. I imagine you have a waiting list Bob.
  5. Goodness I just love reading your posts. !!!!
  6. Keith a good idea and thanks, However Button Box doesn't have any available at this time. Am looking in Florida closer to home
  7. As you all probably may have guessed my thought processes are evolving rapidly based on the information I am receiving from all sources. Still in a quandry but am firming up my direction. However, I want to make one comment about the group of people who visit and take time to post messages for newbies like me. I have seldom encountered a group of people who are willing to share and help like the folks here who have posted and emailed me with advice, comments and just support. I sincerely thank you all. And yes I am in central Florida. Cheers ! Dave
  8. Thank you all for such great responses and information. I now am even more befuddled. I get the idea that the Jackie is a good value and appropriate for my novice start....but it is English and I find that the Anglo is much more popular....Wish Jackie made an Anglo version. So I think I will continue studies and searche. Now....what about the two different fingerings of Anglo I just found out about....comments ??? Jeffries vs Lachenal ? comments please.. Cheers ! Dave
  9. I suppose I should also solicit opinions of English vs Anglo based on my music tastes. Solo player with celtic leanings .
  10. Well as a retired highland and uilleann piper who wants to suffer <G> learning a new instrument I am narrowing down to a Jackie English 30. I enjoy traditional Irish jigs and reels and such and am advised English style vs Anglo to learn. So my question is what is the general opinion of the Jackie with price and quality? Thanks, Dave
  11. as a rank novice of concertinas I know nada but I am interested in a student model. Like my first set of pipes middle quality is desired. So if you have or know of a decent but inexpensive instrument please contace me. Thanks, Dave Winter Park Florida mooredavidc@gmail.com
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