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  1. OK. So. 2 months ago I bought a cheapie 20b Anglo and have been frusterated with it ever since. Paid waaayyy to much for it, its too heavy, yadda yadda yadda, everyone knows this part, its just all wrong. I've been so mad at it that I have only learned a few tunes but dont pick it up that much, though I wish I did. So my new plan is this: 1] With the help of AmericanExpress get money back from icky, lying man who sold me the concertina, a process which is already in progress (AmEx is really great for this) 2] Start from scratch all over again with new concertina. So with my new plan, and all the help I have gotten from reading this site...I have 1 dillemma (and where the dead horse comes in). Since I didnt really 'get to know' the Anglo style very well, I'm considering switching over to English, because from what I gather, I can get a nicer 'beginner' English for less than anything decent as far as an Anglo goes, and have an easier time learning with a better instrument. Since Im not already 'tainted' to one style I dont think this will be that big of a deal. So....any opinions? (and if anyone can tell me honestly if I'll be able to play Irish music on the ec that would be great, but if its going to turn into a fight I just dont want anyone to say anything. ) Thanks!! -Darcy
  2. Thanks to everyone for their help, as a former Highland Dancer this tune is very familiar to me and I just wanted to see if I could play it myself! Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just looking for the hornpipe tune "Clumsy Lover" it may go by a different name, but if it has any aliases, I dont know them Couldn't find it on the Tune-o-Tron and just wondering if anyone knew where I could find it, hopefully in C or G major, but Im not too picky. I'm going to try searching the internet but putting the word 'lover' into any search engine is risky buisness. Anyway, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it, Thanks!
  4. Oops! So sorry! I play 20b Anglo.
  5. As seen in my other recent post, Im looking for other 'Southern Squeezers' like myself. Reading through the posts the majority of y'all (yeah, I said it!) are from the northern states and was just wanting to know if there are any others from the south out there. If there are, speak up! -Darcy
  6. So glad I found this post! Down here in the south (NC) our heat and humidity, especially in the summer (98 degrees with 100% humidity) can be a bear and I was wondering how this would affect the concertina. Now I just have to find some place a bit dryer to keep it. Do you think keeping it in the case ( I just have a gig bag for now) will help any?
  7. Hey. As my other post in the 'songs' forum suggests Im new to the concertina and looking for other players and/or teachers in NC. Anyone out there? Thanks! -Darcy
  8. Ahh, I understand. Fortunately I found another website that simply had the tune written out in C (but not specifically for concertina), apparently they dont worry about the copywriting or the lawyers, but I have what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  9. I'd just like to start by saying that I am rediculously new to both these forums and the concertina, but from what I've read and played, I'm in love! My real concern here is finding "Happy Birthday" in C for the concertina. There is a version on the Tune-O-Tron but as stated previously I am just getting started and am looking for a simpler version. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Darcy
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