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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a "novelty stop" eg. baby cry or bird whistle? Howie
  2. Hi Lindsay, I used to listen to Dogwatch at the Shantey Sing on the Balclutha about 7 years ago. There was a woman in the group who played the right hand side of a duet concertina. Was that you? As for tuning etc. I have always used the Button Box in Amherst, Mass. They do a great job and are very helpful. By the way I'm thinking of going to the next Sea Music Festival in SF next year maybe I'll see you there. Howie Leifer
  3. Opps! I just realize that you have to click on "new for 2004" on the left side of the page then look at the bottom of the page. Howie
  4. I just received a "Woodstock Kid's Concertina" the other day and thought that it might be of interest here. It is a made of plastic with no wooden parts. It has brass reeds and is anglo type instrument; set up more like a melodeon than a concertina with 7 buts on the right side and 3 on the left one being an air valve and the othe two a bass note and chord. I got it through Mud Pie Productions but it is made by a company called Woodstock Percussion, Inc. www.chimes.com This isn't going to hurt any of the current builders but for $30 it's cute as a button. You can see it by going to: http://www.my-occ.net/wp/cat/music_index.html It is at the bottom of the page. Have any of you seen this? By the way it's made in China. Howie
  5. I wasn't aware that there is a difference between the reeds used for anglo and english concertinas. Also Morse makes english concertinas as well as anglos. Howie
  6. I e-mailed Chris regarding the Phoenix about a month ago and he told me that he was a little sorry that Wim had posted the project because he would like to have a concertina to show people first. He said that he did sell one already and another was presently being built. In any case I wonder if any of the makers of mid priced concertinas have considered the same approach. Howie
  7. Perry, I'll make a puppet monkey for you if you promise to only play Bach. Howie
  8. Authenticity aside it's a very good cartoon. I hope the you post more. Howie
  9. I think that it depends on the level of seriousness that you want in your musical accompaniment. If it isn't that important you might go with a cheap anglo and paint it or decorate it in a colorful amusing way. Also you might consider a miniature concertina. They come in all systems and can be high quality (EXPENSIVE). This can be very effective if you are a large person. At the last NE Squeeze-in somebody played a miniature anglo made by Colin Dipper. He made a grand entrance by having two big guys carry out a large box from which he took out the tiny instrument. If that is a direction that you would want to go Tedrow makes a very nice moderately priced miniature anglo. Good luck, Howie Leifer
  10. What happens in these cases? Does the second bidder win? I considered bidding on this too but I wouldn't have gone as high as the second bidder's $650 anyway. Do you play the Harley that you have? howie
  11. I just saw that this concertina went for $6100!!! Check out the bidding; it's really interesting. Howie Leifer
  12. There are a lot different opinions on that option but for around $50 you will at least get a feel for the instrument but know that there is a world of difference between the hohner and a quality concertina. Good luck. Howie
  13. Trade in your penny whistle, mandolin, guitar, piano, sax, bass etc. and get a good 30 button anglo. howie
  14. Here is an interesting concertina on E-bay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3761899852 I contacted the seller and he told me that the reeds are on a zinc plate with some accidentals on seperate zinc plates. Has anyone seen this kind of instrument before? I wasn't sure if this should be posted in this section or history so please post in the appropriate place. Howie Leifer
  15. I'd also encourage you to stick with your anglo but if you decide to take up the ukulele too you will enjoy Tom Lewis who accompanies himself on uke and melodeon. Howie Leifer
  16. I kept going back to play the miniature anglo. I think that it's really cool and fun to play. The sound is bright and loud and I like that it was tuned in D. Someday.......... howie
  17. Thanks Wendy, The photos really give the flavor of the weekend. howie
  18. I'll be going but I'm not sure which concertinas I'll be bringing though I will have one CG Anglo and on English treble for sure. I'm also looking for a ride up on Friday if anyone is going from NYC. I've e-mailed a couple of people who are in the area but I haven't heard back yet. Thanks, Howie Leifer
  19. Hi Aldon, Clarion Music is located in Chinatown in SF. They have a great selection of world instruments. I know that they used to carry harmoniums and while I'm not sure if they have shruti boxes, I would definately check with them as their prices are always better than Lark in the Morning. http://www.clarionmusic.com/ They are a great source for getting a sheng (Chinese free reed mouth organ). As to the other website that I mentioned, while they are located in NYC I'm sure that they would ship anywhere in the country. I was in the shop and the instruments really looke great. Have fun dronning on. Howie
  20. I'm sure that there are lots of other places but I know that www.keshav-music.com has shruti boxes. Click on harmoniums and you'll find them. Also Clarion music in San Francisco has them. Howie
  21. Jim, My mistake, I meant New Model. Do you know what year they started making them? Howie
  22. Over the years I've come across the term "New Lachenal". How does this concertina differ from the old Lachenal? What year was it first made?
  23. I think that the JDyer concertina has waxed accordion reeds. Still it is a great price for a 30 button Anglo with a wooden case. Howie
  24. Before my mother died she was in the hospital following a stroke. She was unable to communicate and probably unaware of anything. Still my brother or I would visit her every day. At some point I started to bring an English concertina with brass reeds that had a quiet mellow sound. I would play whatever came to mind trying to think of tunes that she would have known. My mother was in a private room and I tried to play quietly but after awhile the medical staff would tell me how much they enjoyed my playing. Once some visitors to the patient in the next room peeked into my mother's room and complimented me on my playing then asked if I would play something for there loved one. I'm not a particularly good player but I believe that my playing did have a positive effect on a dificult situation.
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