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    In July 2004 I acquired a Wheatstone English, 48 button, rosewood, serial number 31488 which has a lovely clear tone. July 2006 I acquired an Wheatstone, metal ended Aeola 56 button extended treble, serial number 27566. I have been completely addicted to the concertina ever since. I play mostly Irish style tunes and try to emulate the melody play of a fiddle rather than the very chordal play common on the anglo. I do try to pick up as many different ideas as I can though :-) Currently falling in love with the English 3/2 hornpipes.
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    Montreal, Canada

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  1. The server that hosts the Montreal Tunebook (for free - thanks Gord Fisch!) ran a security audit that really didn't like me using the unix abcm2ps behind the scenes. I rewrote the site to offload that part to a different computer that doesn't complain. Seems to be running smoothly at the moment. At least, I haven't had any complaints, either from people using the site or from Gord :-) The abcjs java rendering engine is really quite impressive. Very easy to use despite almost no documentation that I could find. The only problem I found so far with it is if you annotate notes A3A as A>A in the editor, the greater than sign confuses it.
  2. Editor is curtesy of abcjs - pretty slick javascript implementation of abc indeed. Let me know any suggestions to make the editor better
  3. Photo taken during a CD launch in 2010 Playing with my brother Steve at my fathers memorial service in 2009 Snap taken by Dave Barnert on his phone at a NESI workshop several years ago
  4. What a fun weekend !! Chimney Corners was a very nice venue, pros and cons with the distances between venues but still, a great place. There is a use for NESI after all: Limericks
  5. I should be arriving about 10:00pm tonight. I hope there is music still going on then :-) Does anyone know if the new venue has wi-fi?
  6. I'll try to remember my powercord this time :-) WOW the new place looks good. I plan to be staying in a tent so long as there are no more hurricanes coming through
  7. I plan to be there this year too. Haven't seen the new venue yet but I heard good things from those who were there last year.
  8. I had planned to go to the 2010 NESI but couldn't at the last minute, I've had withdrawal symptoms ever since. I took a look at the new place online and it looks very promising. I have September next year pencilled in already.
  9. Have to think about that - maybe I can suggest it to the organizers :-)
  10. as soon as I get my ftp permission back on the server I'll add the tune to the website - thanks Chris
  11. For those interested in quebecois music, I keep adding tunes when I have time to the quebec section of our website http://music.gordfisch.net/oregans/music/quebec.php
  12. I confess, that is me up on the balcony. Playing an English, wheatstone Aeola, metal ended extended treble. The commando trad is a great idea. My favourite so far is number 3 I think, where they compiled video people took of themselves playing along with a radio interview on New Year's day. I am also seen fleetingly in Commando Trad 2 in a black sweater with coloured stars. There is another English concertina player in Commando Trad two, but I can't remember his name. The balcony I was standing on felt a little shakey and I was glad I wasn't one of the dancers on the other balconies. It's all in a good cause, to get traditional quebecois music out there :-)
  13. I would have to agree with L'Albatroce on this. Living in Montreal it is amazing how completely bilingual people who have grown up here are. Many have not a trace of accent in either language. A very common feature of any conversation is a peppering of words and expressions of both languages.
  14. Spindizzy is Christine Jordan, based on her page at Jodrell Bank Observatory. Close to my parents house since you can see Jodrell Bank from White Nancy
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