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    Play Anglo Concertina (I have two Edgleys ... a tenor and a baritone), Contra Dance at least weekly, play in a "home session" weekly. I also play a bit of harmonica and guitar, leftovers from past interests, and starting to learn the button box.
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    Rumney, NH 03266

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  1. Hey, if that photo is of you at 67, I look forward to seeing how young you look on your 100th Birthday. ;-)

    Have a good one!

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  3. Whoops ... sorry for the multiple pics ... they didn't show in the preview. I'm just learning how to use this posting software. Bill
  4. Mine's a good bit older and seems to think she's a music critic; at least she always leaves the room if I start playing a concertina... I'm lucky. When I start playing my concertina my "Aussie" runs into the room with me, sits real close and watches intently ... sometimes he even throws his head back and sings and sings and sings! Bill Taffe Rumney, NH
  5. Did anyone by any chance tape the interview ? Bill Taffe Rumney, NH USA
  6. Fellow players, Craig Wagner wrote a wonderful review of the Edgley Baritone. I'd like to add my comments since I'm the lucky "customer" that Craig refers to. The concertina arrived today and it is a magnificent instrument. It is gorgeous. It plays wonderfully. And it sounds fantastic. It's a real joy to play. I can't compare it to a Dipper (since I've never played one) but I honestly couldn't have hoped for a nicer instrument. The concertina is certainly everything Craig said it was. I'm super lucky in having the chance to own this instrument. For the past couple of years I've wanted a baritone box and started searching for makers. I had bought a standard treble from Frank a few years ago and have been very happy with it so I wrote to Frank and asked him if he made baritones. He replied, "I am considering making one and have ordered reeds for same. This would be my first. Keep checking with me and if you are interested, and if I am satisfied with it, I'll give you first "dibs" on it." Well ... I did and he did and I now have it! It's a wonderful instrument and I'm delighted with it. Bill Taffe
  7. Be real careful with it outdoors ... I have/had one too --- Model ICB-16. I used it outdoors in damp weather and it got a teensy bit of damp (not wet just damp) and died!. I was very disappointed how fragile it was. I had expected better of Sony. Bill Taffe Rumney, NH
  8. I've been listening to Tim Collins rendition of "Ni ar Chnoc nĂ¡ ar Isleacht" on his Dancing with Silver album and would really like to learn the tune. It would be much easier if I had music to follow rather than try to get it "by ear" from the album, because even with the "Slow Downer" that's a labor intensive task (for me). Does anyone know where the music to the tune might be available (neither Google nor Jeeves seem to know) ? Many thanks for any help. Bill Taffe
  9. Sounds great !!! I'm looking forward to it. Bill Taffe Rumney, NH
  10. I've flown with my anglo a few times in the past couple of years but haven't had the experiences of another poster: I have replied "anglo concertina" and when they give me a puzzled look I say "squeezebox". I've never had a problem caused by saying "anglo concertina". I've always had to open the case, show the instrument and play it a bit ... last time I got up my courage and played part of a tune ... which the security guys thought was pretty cool although it didn't go over well with others in the security line. Maybe it was my playing! The last time the security guy said "you wouldn't believe how wierd that looks on the X-ray machine" and proceeded to take the box to another machine to show me! He was fascinated by it. Good luck to everyone with "flying boxes".
  11. Yes !!! I've been looking forward to it for weeks. And ... I have a request ... "workshop wanted" ... could one of the more advanced players lead a "slow session" for less experienced players? (Please and thanks) Bill Taffe Rumney, NH
  12. Richard Morse refers to "PVA with a very high plasticizer content" . How is the "plasticizer content" determined and what is the scale to determine if it's high or low (percentage? grams? etc.)? Hi also suggested a "weak PVA". What is meant by a "weak PVA". And finally, what's a "white" PVA? Thanks. Bill Taffe
  13. As several others have noted, the anglo chord tutor sounds great. Please count me in as someone who'd purchase a copy when available. I hope you'll let us all know how and where to get a copy at the right time. Bill Taffe
  14. I've recently learned a tune but have sometimes found it under the name Peg Ryan's (a polka) and sometimes Egan's Polka. Are they just different names for the same tune? I also came across another tune named Peggy Ryan's Polka which is different from the previous tune I mentioned two. Can anyone shed a bit of light on this for me? Thanks. Bill Taffe
  15. Ebay is listing a concertina "No 420 English pattern Concertina 20 keys. There is a winged emblem with J & H underneath it on the seal." Can anyone shed light on what this might be? Construction? Reeds in a reed pan (English style) or a accordion-style reed box (inexpensive German/Italian style)? Who was J & H? English? Thanks in advance. Bill Taffe
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