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    Civil war Reenacting, History, Busking, old timey music & of course.... the squeezbox!!
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  1. Interested in attending.....where? squeezbxhvn@yahoo.com
  2. Old timey & maritime style tunes. Not sure if these are proper select catagories. Style might be...typical RH melody & LH chordal type accompaniment. Like playing the piano?? Don`t read music notation well.
  3. Lookin out the window....expecting a noisy night....better bring the dogs in before they go crazy!! People like to blow off their fireworks around here but I`ll just sit right down and pick out some old lang signe on the squeezer box.
  4. My wild guess would be 1 out of 25000.....in comparison to 1 in 25 for guitar players. I like to think in those terms because it makes ya feel special!! Countries...Ireland, England & maybe Germany. It seems abit odd to be playing the concertina around where I live, but Im proud of it and think it very underestimated as to its usage in putting out great music!!!
  5. If you were to find 3-5 places in the world, where are the most concentrated areas of concertina players? Why? 1 out of how many people play concertina in our world? Your guess....? (accordion players don`t count).....
  6. Took a chance on a sea chanty cassette by Louis Killen....got hooked!! Took another chance at trying something novel & rare around here..."learning the concertina" Took another chance by just jumping in...not knowing anything or anyone associated. Its paid off and Im luvin it!! My inspiration comes from you people!! Let me fatten some heads.... Boney,ratface,Day,Miles,3838,PeterT,Leo,Worral,Kruskal,Evans... of course there are many others..but you`re all great, keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing the info and talent!!
  7. Thank you very much gentlemen for all the info.... much more satisfying revealing answers than I had expected. Now... does anyone out there know how to play Lawrence Welk`s theme song on concertina??!!
  8. Thats funny MUTT....about the Accordion dork thing.... Why is that? Maybe its a generational perception like comparing Johnny Depp to Lawrence Welk? ......Lawrence Welk...God bless him ....he and his crew played some very technical stuff but he may have put the accordion on ice for a few decades due to the image he projected.
  9. A BASIC QUESTION... What is the difference between a concertina and a accordion? Yes I have a 30 button anglo that I have no doubt about and I know it looks and sounds different from a piano type accordion. But there are so many variables in-between. Bandoneon, Hayden, Crane, Maccann type duets, Chemnitzer.. just to name a few. It gets abit confusing if you`re not experienced with these instruments. Are there any types very close where you might call it either...or? How and where do you draw the line?
  10. If ya got a closet you can fit in...try doing that & put some pillows around you. But it can get hot in the summertime.
  11. Oh!! Polkabeast!! Great idea!! So wonderful to hear from a person of "ECONOMICAL RATIONAL REASON!! Of course the best things in life are free.
  12. Im a wandering confederate camp concertina musician.... I play a 30 button C/G anglo (Tedrow) I love it! I carry it in an old authenic looking dirty duffle bag. A 20 button would probably be more legitiment but I cheat with a "30" for more future growth & flexibility. Nobody seems to notice.. Fellow musicians can be hard to join with because they don`t like to play in "C". I often carry with me old vintage type photos of concertina players.. to prove authenticity of the civil war era instrument. I know Anglos were more common & less costly than English types.
  13. I`ve got a nice small sailor...white canvas type mini duffle bag..... made by a seamstress friend. With lots of padding & a tassel to throw around my neck to keep it close. Its looks totally cool....feels secure, comfortable to carry ....I`ve sometimes slept with it for security! Seems practable & didn`t cost alot.
  14. Mr Phantom & Mr Morse.... Can you not see your biased views?? You guys are big (no doubt talented) INSIDERS!!! You talk as if $800 plus bucks is a small pittance for frolicking in the woods playing your music. My parents would probably roll over in their graves if they saw the prices paid for such pleasures!! Yes value is in the eye of the beholder... It helps to be alittle nuts. Its like paying a million dollars for a Jimi Hendrix guitar. Its easy & rational if you got that kind of ego & money. Taking a family of 4 would cost over 4 THOUSAND$$ including travel expenses! It might seem rational to me (maybe) going solo or better yet......STAYING HOME BUT PURCHASING A NICE CUSTOM MADE WHEATSTONE VINTAGE CONCERTINA FOR THE SAME PRICE!!
  15. Whew - things are expensive out your way. The two music/dance camps I go to are Pinewoods and Ashokan. Both are week-long events with everything included for about $850. Richard says, "Whew - things are expensive out your way." Actually -- it's cheaper out our way by $30 Lark Camp, week-long event everything included is $820 $570 - full camp $250 - full meals ------ $820 http://www.larkcamp.com/registration.html
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